5 decor must-haves for the festive season

Diwali is right around the corner, and there is certainly a festive fervour that is unmatched when it comes to Diwali. It starts with the annual cleaning and becomes a whole thing with changing decor and looking online for the “newest trends” in decor. There is something very special about the process. While decor can be temporary, like flowers or diyas, there are certain changes you can make during the festive season that will be an investment as well as amp up the festive vibe in your home. 

  1. Festive drapes and curtains: While festive decor can undoubtedly include a lot of temporary additions, invest in a few festive drapes. While bright pinks and yellows may not be your mood for the rest of the year, bringing them out during the festive season will effortlessly add a festive feel to your space. 
  2. Good brass diyas and lamps: Sure, terracotta diyas are a staple, but investing in antique brass lamps is an absolute must. Not just for Diwali, you can use these lamps throughout the year and for every festival to add that extra sparkle. 
  3. Rangoli templates: What is Diwali without a few rangolis? Right now, the market is flooded with fantastic rangoli patterns in different colours. These plastic rangolis are reusable and can be made in various colours and patterns. Mix and match and lay it out on the floor and on your coffee table to add a festive touch effortlessly. 
  4. Lights and lamps: Not just lights for Diwali, investing in different lighting options, like floor lamps, chandeliers and festive lampshades, can add a festive feel to your space. While chandeliers and floor lamps are more permanent, having a few festive lampshades will add a lot of warmth—Trade white lampshades for some bright reds and florals. 
  5. Flowers and vases: Ikea’s collection of faux flowers are such a good investment, not just those dry flowers that you can pick up from amazon will also add that spot of colour. These flowers will supplement the fresh flowers at home. 

Our top tip for what you can pick up is to hit the local markets from MG Road, Commercial street, Jayanagar and many other places. The local markets will not just give you a glimpse of a range of options but will also put you in a festive mood. Living in a home-like Advaitha Aksha makes it very easy to create a festive vibe. With ample light, great views and stunning amenities, it is undoubtedly one of the best places to enjoy the festive spirit. 

Get together with the community and welcome your friends and family to enjoy your first Diwali. Investing in reusable pieces, classic patterns, and additions helps reduce costs and environmental stress. Hope you have a lovely, warm and happy Diwali!