Buying a Luxury Apartment at Advaitha Aksha is the Best Decision

Searching for your dream home is undoubtedly not a walk in the park, but it is not that difficult once you know what you are looking for in a home. Not every property you visit will speak to you, or you can see yourself living there. Like you, many other home buyers were confused and sceptical until they visited Advaitha Aksha. Advaitha Aksha, a luxury property situated in Koramangala, is everything you would have wished for, from the neighbourhood to the landscaped views.

The residents of Advaitha Aksha can’t stop talking about the 4 BHK luxury flats in Koramangala. Mrs Bhat, one of the residents of Advaitha Aksha who recently moved into this ready-to-move luxury flat near Koramangala, can’t get over the fact that Advaitha Aksha has close access to nature and lush greenery. It offers unobstructed views of 1,500 acres of the no-development zone: Bellandur Lake, Defence Land and Agara Lake. Mrs Bhat is making the most of the huge balcony and beautiful views, having her morning cuppa in peace while she enjoys the breathtaking views.

Besides the huge balcony and unobstructed views, Advaitha Aksha also offers spacious 4 BHK flats with all the amenities in close vicinity. It is precisely what attracted Mr and Mrs Athvasya, one of the first residents of Advaitha Aksha, to buy a flat here at Advaitha Aksha. Mrs Athvasya is also very happy with the huge balcony that allowed her to get back to gardening, her passion, and have a beautiful garden that she always wished to have.

Mrs Soni, another resident, who moved into Advaitha Aksha a few months ago, can’t stop talking about the location and is ecstatic that everything, from her favourite restaurants to cafes and the Forum Mall, is nearby. Not just that, she also goes on to highlight the excellent connectivity that the location offers.

Mrs Bhat’s son appreciates how close Advaitha Aksha is to major entertainment hubs such as Coolulu TurfPark and Koramangala Club. He says after living in Indiranagar for 16 years, moving to Koramangala was sure a huge change, but a good one. Everything is a few minutes away from Advaitha Aksha. Since it is located in the heart of the city, prime areas of Bangalore are a few kilometres away, meaning you will not spend hours together in traffic.

Mr and Mrs Venugopal, who moved into Advaitha Aksha in July, have the same feelings about Advaitha Aksha. Mrs Venugopal got attracted to the lake located near Advaitha Aksha. She finally gets to live her dream of having her morning cup of coffee in front of the lake. Mr and Mrs Venugopal were looking for a 4 BHK flat with a servant room and various amenities and features, and Advaitha Aksha suited their requirements.

This ready-to-move luxury flat near Koramangala at Advaitha Aksha has a lot to offer, from spacious rooms to high ceilings and luxurious touches to breathtaking views. Advaitha Aksha also offers smart home features and sustainable features. There are only a few 4 BHK units left. Hurry, schedule a site visit today!