Design trends you should leave behind in 2021

It feels like it has been just a few months ago you were scrolling through Pinterest and discussing design trends with friends to make your home sweet home look chic. A few days away from 2022, and here you are, doing it all over again. With having to spend most of the time at home, making each space in your abode feel as comfortable, welcoming and aesthetically pleasing as possible has become a priority. That being said, you don’t want anything to go amiss on anything. To make things a bit easier for you, here is a list of design trends that you should avoid and leave behind in 2021.

1. Open Floor Layouts

This interior design trend is certainly not making its way into 2022 for obvious reasons.

Once upon a time, this top interior design trend became popular as it merged common rooms into a large open space. This style promoted better communication, movement and lighting. Not just that, this popularized floor plan also maximized the square footage of the space.

Thanks to the pandemic, the work from the home situation doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon. A result of which many companies have extended their work from home, while others have assigned particular work from home days. With having to do everything at home, people are looking for some sort of separation at home.

So instead of large open floor spaces, it is time to move on from this design trend and look at dedicated and private spaces for various activities at home.

2. Minimalism

Less isn’t more today. Not when you are in a pandemic.

This design trend grew in popularity because of its simplicity, reduced design elements and monochromatic palette. The clean lines, uncluttered space and open floor plan drew people to accept this design trend.

Although, this trend is no longer a big deal. This comes soon after the whole world was confined to their homes. With this, people have turned in the opposite direction. People are looking to fill their spaces with what brings joy to them. Layers, colours, textures and personality is what people are looking to bring into their private spaces. So leave the totally minimalist design trend behind in 2021 and indulge in the maximalist design trend instead.

3. All-White

This interior design trend was accepted by many because of its simplicity and minimalist appearance. It made the room look brighter and bigger at the same time. This trend became so huge that you would for sure come across a few all-white space posts when scrolling through the Gram.

Today this top trend is on its way out, as it isn’t practical for a home. It takes a lot of effort, time and money to maintain the all-white trend.

Instead of this, opt for a rich-blue or sage-green, suggests architect and interior designer Kobi Karp.

4. Mid-Century Modern

This style is all about organic forms, muted tones, graphic shapes and functionality. This trend refers to furniture and décor that was a thing during the 1940s. You would notice this style includes furnishings of the mid-20th century that are simple and functional pieces made from teak wood.

While this design trend topped lists for a long time; it is a thing of the past now. This trend has been used over and over again, making it very common. The popularity of this style has pushed many manufacturers to create replicas.

In other news, the Japandi and boho décor styles are in the spotlight. You are sure to see more of these interior design trends next year.

5. Industrial Lights

Want a raw, exposed, and unfinished look? This interior design style is for you. This trend was popularized because it allowed people to use the natural elements of their homes to decorate their abode.

You would have noticed all kinds of black matte lighting fixtures everywhere you went. This trend is slowly dying out because nature-inspired pendant lighting is here to stay, as it gives a space a more relaxed feel that many are aiming for now.

Your home is a reflection of who you are for sure, but ensure you don’t use interior design trends that are no longer huge. Now that you know which design trends you should avoid incorporating in your home, go ahead and start designing your home. If you are looking to buy the home of your dreams, then Advaitha Aksha is for you. This ready to move luxury apartment in Koramangala is the epitome of comfort and luxury. This 4 BHK luxury apartment for sale in Koramangala offers advanced smart home features and breathtaking views that are sure to leave you spellbound. Don’t believe us, book a site visit today and see for yourself. Hurry! Only a few more 4 BHK units left.