Neighbourly etiquette that you must know

Neighbours are an essential part of life. You can deny it, but everyone needs good neighbours. In cosmopolitan cities like Bangalore, neighbours act like extended family. When you move into a new home or neighbourhood, you must start it right. First impressions matter, but more than that, being a good neighbour is just as important as having a good neighbour. 

Here are our top tips on being a good neighbour.

  1. Socialise: Being a good neighbour isn’t just about keeping to yourself whenever an opportunity presents itself; smile and say hello. Speaking to them in the hallways and common areas is an excellent place to start, and maybe invite them over once you’re comfortable. 
  2. Don’t be loud: Being loud is such an annoyance. While you may not consider it an inconvenience, your neighbours probably don’t want to listen to your laughter and conversations. This includes your voice and the volume of your TV, speakers, and more!
  3. Respect the rules of the hallway: Common areas have a certain etiquette, and the hallways in your building are not for you to dump your toys or have your garden or add extra boxes. Too often, people think that common areas are ‘for everyone. However, that’s not the case. Also, an extension of the previous rule, don’t speak too loudly in the hallways. 
  4. Use the common areas but be fair: If you use the gym, pool, or garden, make sure you’re respectful of the space. Always put the gym equipment away, and use the pool properly and safely. 
  5. Park in your spot: Park well within your spot; parking properly will make it easy for people to park in theirs. 
  6. Don’t gossip: While not gossiping is a great practice, it is especially important in the community. Gossip is detrimental to having great relationships and could hamper the person in the long run; it could also completely backfire and get you a reputation as ‘the building gossip’. 
  7. Resolve conflict meaningfully: Conflict is not a default, but it happens. Have it addressed through the proper channels; if it is a simple misunderstanding, try to sit down and have a conversation instead of announcing it to the entire neighbourhood. 

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