10 things all good homeowners have in common

It is one thing to reach a milestone and buy yourself the home of your dreams but it is a whole other ballgame to be a good homeowner. Buying a home is only a start; a start to endless surprises, responsibilities, troubleshooting, and of course, creating beautiful memories with loved ones. 

Being a good homeowner is going to benefit you and the people around you. While the qualities of a good homeowner depend from person to person and situation to situation, there are a few things that all good homeowners should have in common. 

  1. Have your paperwork sorted: From insurance papers to title deeds and official certificates, a responsible homeowner will have them all sorted and prepared for any hiccups that can occur later.
  2. Know what not to do in a community: Living in a community means having to share certain amenities and being mindful of your presence. Be aware of how much noise you make starting from footsteps to late-night parties, ensure that your pet is well-trained, and put yourself in your neighbour’s shoes before doing anything in and around the community.
  3. Address home issues quickly: Is the paint chipping? Leaky tap? Cracked tile? These are problems that are common in all houses. But the difference is that in the house of a good homeowner, these problems will be fixed ASAP!
  4. Alarms and security measures: Having properly functioning fire alarms, a doorbell camera, etc may not look like a problem when everything is going well. But a truly responsible homeowner knows the importance of installing them.
  5. First aid kit: Running to the nearest pharmacy in the middle of an emergency is not ideal. Having a first aid kit with the basics like painkillers, ointments, bandaids, etc. is key.
  6. Know the lifespan of things at home: Speaking of keeping emergency kits at home, it is also important to know when you need to replace them. From medicines, toiletries, towels, and pillows to water filters, mattresses, air conditioners, and smoke detectors, things at home have a different lifespan. Make a list of things at home and their lifespan to know when you should replace them.
  7. Handyman tools: Do you call a handyman every time you need even the tiniest thing fixed? We suggest you buy yourself a box of common tools so that the next time you need to hang a painting or get a tap fixed, you can do that yourself.
  8. Unexpected guest essentials: Avoid embarrassing situations like not having a guest towel or an extra toothbrush when you have a relative or friend staying over. Always be prepared with the basic things a person would need in their everyday life for when someone comes over unannounced. You don’t want to be known as a bad host now, do you?
  9. Have days specifically for a complete cleaning session: We know you regularly clean your home thoroughly but when was the last time you had a look at the AC filter or the inside of the oven or washing machine? Appliances like these are often forgotten but not by a good homeowner.
  10. Respect the space & privacy of neighbours: Your experience at home is largely affected by your neighbours as well. Respecting one’s personal space and privacy is a basic manner but sadly, it’s not something found that common. Ensure your privacy by respecting the privacy of the ones around you.

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