5 Interior Design Ideas to Transform Your Home and Make it Chic

A home is a home because it encapsulates memories, happy times and most importantly the personality of the people who live there. A picture here, a painting there, it all comes together. And that’s the secret to creating a space that’s comfortable. As you begin this journey of putting your home together, think of how you can also make it chic and stunning to look at. 

If you are in the design deep end, this blog will help you figure out what the hottest, chicest trends are, so you can start with these foundations and build on them. Home decor isn’t an overnight task, it evolves over a period of time. Start with a vision and slowly start building on it. 

Here are our top 5 ideas to make your home chic!

    1. Add a Pop of Red: Red, it’s hot, it’s royal and it is rich! Have you ever noticed how colour instantly makes a space look elegant? Red, a range of red shades, browns and burnt red give the eye something to focus on. If you have a statement piece like a classic sofa, change up the furnishing to change the look of the space. You can add a coffee table, vase, a statement chair or add flowers around the room in shades of red, bloodstone red, to be precise. This beautiful colour is in trend and is predicted to stick around for a long time.
    2. Create a Statement Wall: Walls that say a million things. You can quite literally transform a space with a cool statement wall. Use the wall to showcase art, mirrors, trinkets. Take this space from interior design expert Bobby Berk for instance. It is clean, chic and anything but boring!https://www.instagram.com/p/CTBN0W-vT8b/The green beautifully offsets the mirror and the work space just pops so effortlessly!  You don’t have to be too dramatic to create some drama in a space! Pick the right colour, pick a highlight feature and go wild!
    3. Dramatic Light Fixtures: If there is anything that can make your space look posh and add dimension to it at the same time it is stylish light fixtures. Add wall sconces at both sides of your bed and see how it makes a difference. Install a beautiful statement pendant light over your kitchen island, and it makes the space shine. Chic chandeliers in your living room is also an excellent idea. Wondering where you can find polished light fixtures? There are tons of online stores where you can find stunning light fixtures available.https://www.instagram.com/p/COPEqdAhzl8/Look at this gorgeous space by designer Dabito, what a stunning space. It is cozy, but clearly makes an image. 
    4. Comfortable and Aesthetic Furniture: It is boho, it is chic and it is comfy.  Minimalistic furniture is great, but adding warmth with a stylish, curved, fluted design will make the space look more accessible. Comfort isn’t about bean bags and futons. Comfort can look upscale, posh and yet cozy. Take this space for instance. The warmth of the yellow, the slight angles on the couch and the many shapes, give it a certain charm that doesn’t look cluttered.
    5. Accent Rug: An accent area rug never goes out of fashion. Never! An area rug can make or break a room, making it very important to choose the right one. An area rug adds visual interest to the space, which is much needed. You can introduce colours and patterns with an area rug. Make sure the rug compliments the rest of the furniture in the room. You should check out Jaipur Rugs on Instagram. They have chic rugs that will add contrast and a touch of elegance to any room.
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