5 things about Bangalore that have people obsessed with it

There are two types of Bangaloreans. The ones whose Saturday nights don’t end until they can’t stand anymore from dancing all night in their favourite club in Koramangala and the others who can’t wait to wake up extra early on Sunday, head to Cubbon Park, meet them cute doggies, and head over to Airlines for the ultimate comfort breakfast. These people end up in Corner House whenever the chocolate craving hits.

Such is Bangalore life. No matter your lifestyle, Bangalore offers a spot for you and raises you into a community that lives the same! If you are having second thoughts about whether Bangalore is a suitable place to buy a house and settle in, maybe learning about 5 of the things people are obsessed about in Bangalore will help you decide.

  1. Nightlife: Be it dancing your heart out or just having a beautiful night listening to some even more beautiful live music, Bangalore delivers! Go on a late-night drive to the Cafe Coffee Day in Kolar or the famous Rasta Cafe with your partner. Party with your friends at the Hard Rock Cafe or Indigo XP in Koramangala. The options are endless.
  2. The climate, duh! One thing that the people of Bangalore can’t get enough of or shut up about is the fantastic climate throughout the year. We love that our winter wardrobe is not limited to December.
  3. A mix of the latest & traditional: Find the latest trends, technologies, and advancements, in terms of work and personal interests, you name it, and Bangalore has it. But, this does not mean we’ve forgotten our culture and traditions. Bangalore holds its roots close to its heart, from centuries-old temples to enjoying the famous dosas of the almost 80-year-old Vidyarthi Bhavan. Whatever your heart years for and whatever lifestyle you choose, Bangalore is where you will fit in easily.
  4. Spots that are a world of their own: We are talking about Koramangala. Certain parts of Bangalore are a world of their own. And the most famous among them is Koramangala. From the best restaurants and nightlife to posh residential apartments, Koramangala is the most incredible spot to hang out and an even more fantastic place to live.
  5. Apartment sizes: Unlike the other major cities in India, Bangalore still values space. Even in the most happening areas like Koramangala, you will find the most spacious and luxurious apartments. The luxury flats in Koramangala by trustable builders like Advaitha Ventures are nothing less than a dream. If you plan to move to Bangalore, the flats for sale in Koramangala are one to shortlist.

While different parts of Bangalore offer other boons and banes, the ready-to-move-in luxury flats in Koramangala are one that truly has only perks. Advaitha Ventures offers premium flats for sale in Koramangala with unmatched amenities and breathtaking landscaping. For the home of your dreams and the life that follows, book a visit with Advaitha.