5 things you must absolutely never compromise on when picking things for the home

In our previous blog, we talked about things that are just as good as their expensive counterparts, but are there things in the house that are worth the price tag? We’ll of course there are. Sometimes, expensive does mean better. While there is such a thing as ‘too much’ to spend on certain things, but in a general sense, we have a list of things that you must definitely invest on even if there are cheaper alternatives.

  1. Mattress and pillows: A good night’s rest is definitely not one to compromise on. You should definitely go and try out a few mattresses before you decide what to buy. We suggest buying a mattress from brands that offer exchange policies so that if you don’t like the mattress, you can still return it and pick up the one that meets your expectations. The same goes for pillows. Buy a set of pillows and if you like them, buy more from the same brand. Definitely don’t settle for pillows that don’t meet your comfort levels.
  2. Comfortable chairs: Everyone should have ‘a spot’ at home. A comfortable space that’s made to suit their specific needs. While your aesthetic needs to reflect in your space, it shouldn’t come at the expense of comfort. If there are older individuals or young children, they need seating that helps them rest well. Add really nice things like foot rests, add soft and hard cushions and an overall floor and non-floor seating options
  3. Good locks: Yes, security locks for your almirah is something you definitely spend good money on. Buy it from a name brand so that you don’t run into issues should something happen to the key.
  4. Kitchen essentials like pots, pans and knives: A good knife can last you a few years so can a good pan. While there are several cheap products in the market, these products often aren’t durable. Non-stick pans with cheap teflon coating will not just ruin the taste, but also affect your health in the long run.
  5. Tiles: While this is not strictly a home purchase, we think this one definitely qualifies. Never compromise on the quality of the tiles you choose. Good quality ceramic tiles last a lifetime and are very easy to maintain and clean. Not just tiles, this goes for any other permanent fixtures you are choosing for your home. From paints to lighting to electric wires. Cheap products will bring down the value of your home.

When one talks about things that are expensive, people often confuse it as frivolous. But that’s not the case. Good quality products are quite expensive. As a customer, you should always know the areas that you can and can’t compromise on. You should also work with a budget so that you can know how much you can spend on a particular product. At Advaitha Aksha, we’ve ensured that we never compromise on the products we use because it is absolutely essential to your well-being. These gorgeous homes in Koramangala are architecturally forward and made to suit your tastes.