5 Things You Need To Discard After Moving In & 5 Things Your Must Keep

“What If?”

From a pile of receipts to stacked up cardboard boxes, this one question is the only reason why we hold on to most of the things we have but never use. Though sometimes, the question stands valid when it comes to storing some things that might actually come to use in the future. But most often, it is just us overthinking and not wanting to let go.

One of the best times to make the decision to keep or throw is when moving in to a new home. You can keep only what you actually need and not have useless things taking up any of our new home space. To help you make that decision easier, here is a list of things you need to keep and throw away when moving in.


5 Things You Need To Discard After Moving In

  1. Cardboard boxes: As soon as you unpack, don’t stare at the boxes thinking if you should put them in the top cabinets. Cardboard boxes are inexpensive. If and when you move again, you can easily buy them again than store them for years, only to realise that it’s too damaged to be used again.
  2. Clothes & shoes you don’t wear: A good amount of clothes in your wardrobe are ones you haven’t touched in a long long time. Go through each one of them and simply donate the ones that are in a good condition and throw the ones that are torn or damaged. The same goes for shoes.
  3. Old bills & receipts: Most of us have the habit of holding on to bills and receipts of different kinds. While this is often a good practice, there is no reason why you should still hold on to, say, a year-old electricity bill of your old home.
  4. Decor items that don’t fit in the new home: When you move into a new home, you will want to redecorate as well. From paintings to conversation pieces, pack only those that will fit into your new decor theme. 
  5. Anything you forgot you owned: You are going to come across a lot of things you didn’t even know you had when you pack. Do yourself a favour and throw them away. If you have forgotten about them, chances are you won’t ever need them again either. 


5 Things You Need To Keep When Moving In

  1. Warranty cards: Warranty cards are bound to be misplaced, especially when you are moving. And the chances of the appliance being damaged when on the move is also high. So, hold onto those warranty and guarantee cards.
  2. Paperwork: Important documents, certificates, etc are to be kept in a waterproof file/box when moving. Pay special attention to this set of documents.
  3. Extra tiles & paint cans: The first few weeks and months after you move in are crucial. You may have to deal with a lot of small scale repairs like paint chips and tile cracks. Hence, don’t throw those extra tiles or cans of paint just yet.
  4. Day 1 essentials: Even if you plan to get new things for your new home, it is always recommended to get some basic toiletries, cleaning stuff, bedsheets, medicines, etc with you that you will need as soon as you move in. This way, you can take your time to go shopping and not rush through it.
  5. Toolkit: You probably have second thoughts about whether or not you should be packing that heavy box of tools which you barely touched. We say, pack it. A toolkit is an investment and there’s no reason why you should spend a good amount again for something you already have.

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