5 Types Of Neighbours To Expect In An Advaitha Aksha Community

When you go apartment hunting, you can be attentive to every single detail about the apartment but how do you know what kind of neighbours you have? Sure, you can talk to them, but who doesn’t put on a good face to make a good first impression?

From that neighbour who greets you on the day you moved with a fruit basket, to the one who limits their interaction to a nod when you see them, you will come across many different personalities.

Here are 5 neighbours you can expect to find in an Advaitha Aksha community:

  1. Fitness Enthusiast: CXO by day, gym nut earlier that day! By the time you get your morning coffee half awake, this person would have finished a sweaty workout at the gym, all pumped up for the day. They always look like a ball of energy even at 5 in the morning! So you will always have a fitness buddy to achieve your fitness goals!
  1. Sportsperson: You know how you randomly feel like playing a game of tennis but no one in your family is up for it? Well, this is that neighbour who you can count on anytime. Be it any court – tennis, basketball, TT, foosball, you name it, you will find them scoring everywhere! They will reel you into a game that will mostly end up being a part of your new, fun routine.
  1. The Plant Parent: Out of all the spacious balconies and terraces, there will be the one that everyone envies. While gardening takes up most of their day, they will also stop to smell the roses every time! Whether it’s through a community garden or a housewarming gift, expect lots of greenery coming your way.
  1. The Life Of A Party: Meet the glue that holds the neighbourhood together. This person somehow never gets tired of hosting a party. Soon after an epic bbq dinner, they will be all organised and prepped for a poolside party the very next morning. You can count on them to unwind after a tiring week and have a good time.
  1. The Walking Library: The reader of books, the hoarder of knowledge, always up for an interesting conversation. If you ever feel lonely, need a friend to talk to, or simply need a book recommendation, take a walk at the park, and you will find them sitting with, you guessed it, a book. Whether it is about the stock market or stamps, expect some great stories to marvel in.

What you call home is most often not just a luxurious space but also the people in and around it. With neighbours who you know will look out for each other, you will feel more at home. At Advaitha Aksha, the luxurious apartments are not our only brag. You might come to Advaitha Aksha for the luxury but you stay for the community.

To be a part of this awesome community and live a vacation-like life with resort-like amenities, log onto our website and take a virtual tour of the property. The very few units that are left await your decision. Hurry!