Underrated Joys Of Home Ownership

You could be exhausted from a long day’s work, but knowing that you have a place you can call your own to go to at the end of the day and spend a relaxing evening is a different feeling. Being a homeowner entails many things. We often hear about the immense responsibilities and commitment of owning a home, but the sweet joys that are also a part of it make it all worth it.

We all know the basics. No landlord hassles, investment benefits, financial stability, and more. But there are a few lesser mentioned joys that make a difference. So here are 5 of the underrated pleasures of homeownership that nobody talks about.

1. Unleash the creative side: You’ve heard of ‘my home, my rules.’ But have you thought about how owning your home also means creating that ideal space you have always dreamed of? Build that fancy bookshelf, paint the walls orange, go crazy with the interiors because guess what, the house is yours, and anything you say goes. Make it look breathtaking in your way.
2. Space to make memories: The walls of the home of your own home will hold unforgettable memories and stories to be told for ages to come. Your own home is where you will spend all festivals and birthdays with your loved ones, live through milestones, and build a life. Putting down roots becomes more accessible and meaningful when you have your place. Without moving now and then, your kids will have a better social life. You also create meaningful bonds with the neighbours and live in a community that becomes your extended family.
3. Feeling of achievement – Buying a house is not something every other person does but is something everyone dreams of doing. Owning a home in itself is an achievement. It represents the handwork you have been doing. When you are in your place, you get to undertake do-it-yourself projects that add to this feeling of independence. You get to create a stable life and focus on everything else in your life without worrying about rent.
4. Freedom from finances for the retirement days: Speaking of rent, a big part of your finances are sorted. You can start planning your retirement days immediately after you buy that house. Housing costs usually make up the most of your retirement budget. When you are a homeowner, you will not have to worry about paying rent and spending your retirement budget. Your home will also be your biggest asset.
5. Better mental health: You could have the fanciest life and still not be happy in life if your mental health is not where it needs to be. Multiple research suggests that owning a house is associated with lower levels of mental distress. This milestone leads to better social, psychological and emotional health.

Being a homeowner isn’t always about investing in a property or availing of the tax benefits. Sometimes, the true advantage lies in the fact that you get to live a content life that rarely anyone seems to have anymore. If you have been longing for all of these tiny pleasures of life, then it’s time for you to get in touch with the luxury flats in Koramangala by Advaitha Aksha.

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