5 Unique uses of your terrace space at Advaitha Aksha

Having a space to relax after a long day is so underrated. Imagine unwinding after a hectic day on your terrace with your favourite beverage, and light calming music is another level of comfort. Yes, the deck is a prized possession many have. So please make the most of it! If you want to spruce up your terrace, this blog is for you. Below is a list of 5 unique ways to use your terrace space at Advaitha Aksha.

1. Lounge area: You know that side of your terrace from where you get the best view that instantly relaxes you? Turn that area of your terrace into a lounge area. There is plenty of weather-resistant outdoor lounge furniture available today. You can pick one that matches your style and terrace. Add some throw pillows and blankets to make it a comfy and cosy relaxation space for you.

2. Include a dining area: Sometimes, it is good to change things a bit, whether you are a family of two or four. Take a break from having your meals watching a Netflix series or a movie and move to the terrace. Design a dining area with a large table and comfy foldable chairs. Add minimal decorations to this area to create a pleasant vibe. Even better, add lights or light up some candles to make it even more comfortable.

3. Outdoor barbecue station: You can never go wrong with a barbecue station because who doesn’t enjoy delicious barbecue! If you often have people at your place, this will make perfect sense. Barbecue, drinks and great company. What else could you ask for? The terrace is a great space to host a party for a casual crowd like your family or friends.

4. Dedicated space for your plants: A space as relaxing as a terrace is incomplete without some greenery. So include your favourite plants in one corner of the terrace. Choose seasonal flowers, snake plants, aloe vera, creepers and bougainvillaea, to name a few. Including a touch of greenery in your terrace space will enhance the look and feel of your space. Plants have a calming effect on people.

5. Reading nook: For all the bookworms out there, your wish has been granted. So go all out and create your dream reading nook. Go for a hanging chair or hammock if you aim for a laid-back vibe. Even some colourful floor cushions will do the job. If that’s not your style, then opt for a cute patio chair in a cosy corner of your terrace and curl up and read your favourite novel.

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