Vaastu Tips that are Practical & Aesthetic

Everyone loves decorating their homes. Isn’t it? A beautiful painting on the wall, a cute DIY vase on the coffee table and the aesthetic furniture in your living room are all you think of even before moving into your home. While the interiors of your home are important, remember that Vaastu is equally crucial. This ancient spiritual science of architecture aims at creating a perfect living environment. It focuses on arranging every element in the home to attract peace and prosperity in your life.

That being said, how do you decorate your space and also ensure it is Vaastu compliant? Because nobody wants to compromise on either. To make things easier for you, here are 5 Vaastu tips that are practical and aesthetic for your home.

  1. Keep a Beautiful Main Entrance:The entrance of your home is the most crucial part, as it ushers in positive or negative vibes. Ensure to keep the foyer neat and clean, as it will attract positive vibes into your home. Keep it well lit and organised at all times. Avoid keeping shoes and other things that can block the way. You should also ensure that the entrance door opens inwards and not outwards. This is because your home should welcome guests into your home, even before they step in. If your door opens outwards to welcome guests, it creates an imbalance in the entire building.
  2. Invest in Real Plants:If you like having plants in your home, choose real plants instead of fake ones. Everyone knows plants brighten up the home and fill it with positive energy. Many studies have shown the positive effect the colour green and plants have on everyone. Being surrounded by plants helps you relax instantly. While shopping for plants, remember to avoid buying thorny plants, as it attracts negative energy. Keep a check on your plants, and if you find any dead plants, ensure to remove them immediately.
  3. Say Yes to Wind Chimes:Vastu experts/ consultants highly recommend hanging a wind chime in your home. The gentle tinkling sound produced from the wind chimes is soothing and is also known to attract positive energy. Attracting peace and prosperity in your space. However, you should know which type of wind chime to use and which part of your home should be hung. Another critical factor you should keep in mind is to choose wind chimes with six or eight rods. These are best for enhancing good luck, while wind chimes with five rods eliminate illnesses and quarrels.
  4. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall:A popular interior décor item is a mirror. Because of their versatile nature, they have grown in popularity in the interior designing space. While they are a great way to make a room look bigger and improve the aesthetics of a space, when placed correctly can be a great source to attract positive energy. However, be very careful with the placement of a mirror, or it will have an opposite effect. Mirrors should always be hung on the northern or eastern walls and placed at least four or five feet above the floor. Avoid buying round or oval-shaped mirrors. Instead, choose square or rectangle-shaped mirrors for your space.
  5. An abundance of Uninterrupted Sunlight:As per Vaastu, sunlight is crucial for a home. Sunlight naturally lights up your home and kills any germs or negativity lurking around. So keep in mind to arrange your furniture so that it doesn’t interrupt the sunlight but allows it to flow throughout your home well.

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