Aksha: Standing Steadfast in the wake of Storm

Over the past few days, Bengaluru has been marred with heavy rainfalls. According to a report submitted by Economic Times, the magnitude of rainfall was the highest ever recorded since 1890! The report also had a statement given by the director of Indian Meteorological Department, which said “The city received 18.2 cm of rainfall on Tuesday, which surpassed the 1890 record of 16.6 cm.” With the sudden rise in Rainfalls over the course of past one week, a well-thought out drainage system becomes of paramount importance. The recent flooding in Koramangala is a grave reminder on how ill-maintained the current drainage systems are. With water clogged, the normal lifestyle came to a standstill as a plethora of vehicles broke down due to Water contamination.

One of the most common problems flats in Koramangala faces during heavy rains, is water logging. If this problem is not looked upon during the initial stage, it may cause serious problems to the foundation of the building. The water logs in the basement causing great discomfort to the residents. This happens due to unplanned drainage systems and remain incapable to resist such extreme situations. Advaitha Aksha promises to rise above such issues with a well-planned architecture that ensures a living experience that topples system like these. The architecture at Advaitha Aksha, is built in such a way that it resists any climatic conditions.

With an elevated parking space, the clogging of water during heavy rainfalls (something which Bangalore is famous for) never happens. Advaitha ensures that it stands steadfast across any insurmountable weather conditions to ensure a living away from such nuances.

Away from the chaos, the flats for sale in Koramangala at Advaitha Aksha stood steadfast as the unrelenting downpour had no effect on it whatsoever. With the elevated parking and the complete architectural layout, Aksha ensures a safe and worry-free living.