A home is a dream. It is a milestone. It is an emotion. It is many things to many people. Nobody invests in a property without being emotionally invested and that’s a fact. In fact, it is very normal for homebuyers to go back and forth on the decision to buy a home. We have people who see the home they want to buy at least 3- 4 times before they make up their mind. In fact, we love it when buyers sit down with us and discuss their ideas and thoughts. But this is possible only because Advaitha Aksha is a near ready property, meaning buyers don’t need to imagine the home, they can physically see it. Yes, it is a buy-what-you-see deal with us!

If you are also thinking about buying a home, here are a few reasons why you should consider a near ready home.

  1. Move-in almost immediately: Near-ready homes are in the last stages of delivery. Meaning, that by the time the paperwork is done, your apartment is ready as well. All you’ll need to do is move in.
  2. Low risk, you get what you see: You get to go in and personally inspect the property before you buy it and what you see when you visit is what you get. Often people end up being a little upset when their idea of the home in terms of area or design don’t pan out the way they envisioned it. In near ready homes, that’s never the case. With the construction almost complete, you know exactly what to expect.
  3. Relief from rent payment: Once you buy a near-ready home, you will be able to move in really quickly and there will be no more rent payments. On the other hand, if you are investing in an under-construction property or a pre-launch property you might have to pay the EMI as well as the rent.
  4. Freedom to make small changes: Near-ready homes offer the independence of making small changes like the change in colour of walls, design of kitchen cabinet, etc. You can talk to the builder about the same. These renovations help you customise your place.
  5. Exemption for GST: You are always searching for ways to save money when buying a home. One of the best advantages you get from moving to a near-ready apartment is that there will be no GST for you to pay.
  6. Perks from loans: Unlike having to deal with the burden of EMIs when it comes to homes that are under construction, a near-ready home will not trouble you with them.
  7. Tax benefits: Unlike a house under construction, a near-ready home comes with many tax benefits. A heavy service tax is applicable for you if you are purchasing a house under construction, but not with near-ready homes. The interest paid on the home loan for a ready-to-move home is eligible for a deduction of upto 2 lakh. There can also be a claim upto 1 lakh which does not work with homes under construction.

Near-ready homes are the safest option for homebuyers who intend to start a new life right away. Advaitha Aksha offers luxurious near-ready homes located in Koramangala. The handover of Advaitha Aksha apartments start by the mid of 2021.