Indoor plants to spruce your space | Advaitha Aksha

Plant parents, this is a blog you don’t want to miss. It’s filled with the greenest, the most stylish, and the most exciting plants to spruce up your homes. Once you’ve settled into your new home, the next most apparent purchase is a bunch of plants and pretty pots.

We’d understand if the first thing that impressed you about Advaitha Aksha was the huge balcony and the ample space to host your bevy of green beauties.

Here’s the thing about plants that most people don’t realize, not all plants are equal. Not all plants are suitable indoors, and not all are safe for pets. Care and caution must be taken before you take the plunge and hit the nearest nursery. But we’re here to help. We’re telling you the best indoor plants; bust a few myths and throw in some handy tips while we’re at it.

  1. Snake Plants: Yes, who hasn’t seen these tall beauties? They are the easiest and most low-maintenance plants you could dream of. You can plant them and forget about them. They grow tall and resemble “snakes”. They create the illusion of height and also offer ample greenery. You can even add them to create a sense of division in space.
  1. Peperomia: Every nursery has a collection of Peperomia; they are small succulents that thrive well indoors. The Emerald green leaves add a much-needed break for the eye within any space. They are easy to propagate and grow rather nicely with enough light. They aren’t particularly demanding and perfect for beginners.
  1. Money Plants: Who among us hasn’t planted a couple of money plants in a desperate attempt to coax our luck. While we’re not sure if money plants, or pothos as they are called, bring actual money, we can attest to the fact that they will bring you a lot of joy! You can even plant a couple of vines in a glass bottle or vase!
    • Sun: Bright indirect light
    • Water: Not very often, only when the soil is dry. If it is in water, top the water off every couple of days.
    • Caution: It might become too beautiful. But also, keep your pets and kids away from this one.
  1. Lucky Bamboo: 100% pretty, 100% low maintenance. Lucky bamboo is the perfect beginner plant because it involves no actual gardening. These plants also make great gifts; if you have an unexpected visitor, they can be the lucky ones walking away with this beauty. Set it on your dining table or kitchen; they will thrive just about anywhere.
    • Sun: Bright indirect light
    • Water: Top off the water every few days
    • Caution: Take care of overcrowding and separate them every few months.
  1. Dumb Cane: The name is a little mean, we agree! But Dumb Canes are easy to maintain, grow and propagate. They are called Dieffenbachia. They are great to set up in the corner of your home for that sweet mix of green and white. They really, really grow. So make sure you plan for the plant once it grows considerably.
    • Sun:These plants need sunlight or at least partial sunlight. A dark, damp bathroom is not going to work.
    • Water: Moist but not wet. The rule of thumb is to wait till the soil is dry before watering.
    • Caution: Extremely toxic to pets and humans. If you have a pet who likes to chew things, we would avoid buying this plant.
  1. Spider plant:Everyone loves a Spider Plant; they are easy to maintain and propagate and like to be left alone. Make sure to water the pups (spider plant babies).
    • Sun:They prefer bright light but not direct sunlight
    • Water:Water once a week or when the soil is dry.
    • Caution:They are pet safe and can be placed anywhere in the house.
  1. Jade Plant: Finally, Jade plants are also considered ‘lucky’ plants. They are succulents that need very little water but need very bright light. They are also low maintenance except for pruning now and then.
    • Sun:They need bright light
    • Water: Water once a week or when the soil is dry.
    • Caution: They are mildly poisonous when ingested. So pets and kids – stay away!

Green Thumb Tips

  1. Always speak to an expert; it could be at the nursery, your gardener, or a simple Google search.
  2. Accept that not all plants will survive. Plants are very moody. You could do everything right and still lose a plant; try not to take it personally.
  3. Knowing the sunlight requirements is crucial; low-light plants mean that they can live in those light conditions. Not that they need low/less light. Suppose you can find spots with bright light for any plants, nothing like it.
  4. Buy good quality fertilizer, you can pot and prune and care for your plants, but without the right quantity/quality fertilizer, your plants will stop growing well.
  5. Please don’t overdo it; all plants like to be left alone. They grow at their own pace. You cannot do anything to speed up the process. Leave them alone. Prune, repot or add fertilizer only when necessary.
  6. Underwatering is better than overwatering. You will kill more plants through root rot and over watering than underwatering. Underwatering is reversible in most cases.
  7. A lot of plants are toxic to humans and pets. If you have young kids, don’t put plants that kids can reach.
  8. Finally, believe in yourself. Everyone can grow a garden. Pick the plants that suit your lifestyle. If you travel a lot, buy plants that can go a few weeks without watering or set up a watering system, or better yet, get a watering buddy who can help you!

Happy gardening!