Cleaning Chores You Must Do Every Day

You know how people say it is the small things you do that make a huge difference! Well, it is so true, at least when it comes to cleaning and tidying up your space. Most people spend hours together trying their best to clean their homes. That’s because some people struggle to make time, while others try and keep the cleaning for weekends and holidays. This way, you will end up spending your weekend cleaning your home. Here’s the thing, if you spare some time every day and do these five things, your home is sure to look spic and span.

1. Organise each room: After a tiring day or as soon as you wake up, the last thing you want to see is your home upside down. Start with keeping things away in their designated spaces, be it clothes, books or cushions. Take a quick scan of a room to check if anything doesn’t belong in that room. Put things back in their respective rooms. Make sure to make your bed, as it makes a huge difference. Your bedroom instantly looks put together and uncluttered.

2. Dust surfaces: Over a period, surfaces like your counters, bookshelves, chest of drawers, trinkets, etc., gather dust. If you wait for the weekend to get to the dust around your home, there’s going to be a thick layer of the dust waiting for you. Of course, you don’t want that! So please pick up your favorite duster and run it over all the surfaces in your home. This will not take you much time instead of doing it over the weekend.

3. Vacuuming is a must: While you are at it, take out the trash, vacuum and mop the floors as well. You cannot and should not miss that. It doesn’t matter how you do it. Whether it is one of those floor cleaning robots you use or have someone do it, it is non-negotiable. Having clean floors and a great smelling home gives your space a facelift.

4. Clear the dishes and laundry: It is pretty obvious that you will wash and keep away the dishes and laundry, but the thing is, don’t let it pile up for later. It is unhygienic, and you will have the smell of the leftover food travelling through your home. So here’s what you should do instead. Just before you go to bed, soak the dishes in some soapy water to make sure you can wash them with ease. Gather your laundry, and put it straight into the washing machine. While this is happening, you can go about doing other tasks.

5. Scan Your Fridge: While most of you might be doing this already, we would like to put it out there. Most of the time, you don’t realise the food items you are stuffing into your fridge or the foods that have been in the fridge for a long time. Dal, curry, pasta, etc., lies in the fridge for god knows how long until you decide to do your monthly cleaning. So make it a habit to scan your fridge for any food items that have been lying in the fridge for long or foods that you know for sure nobody is going to touch.

These five things for sure will not take you much time and will leave you with more time on your hands over the weekend. Don’t miss these five must-do things every day and shine your way through your day. While we are on the subject of home, are you planning to buy your home or upgrade to a bigger one? Advaitha Aksha is a luxury apartment in the prime neighborhood of Bangalore — Koramangala. It offers ready to move luxury flats near Koramangala that come with breathtaking views and so much for you and your family. Buy your very own 4 BHK luxury apartment for sale in Koramangala! Schedule a site visit today!