Essential Safety Tips At Home That Are Often Overlooked By Most People

House, the protective shelter that is a basic need for every human, has evolved into much more than that. Now, a home is about personal space, luxurious lifestyle, convenience, social status, and more. But let’s take a moment and go back to the primary purpose of it. Because at the end of the day, safety is the cardinal aspect that matters the most

Today, all prominent builders take care of all the safety features when the apartments are built, leaving you little to no worry. However, there are still specific points you need to keep in mind to ensure your and your family’s safety. Here are the top 4.

Problem 1: Intruders

The most concerning safety issue is having random people knock on the door. Gated communities have helped reduce this concern to a large extent. However, with an increase in online shopping for everything from food to digital appliances, the number of delivery personnel knocking on our doors daily has also skyrocketed, increasing safety concerns.

Solution: Locks & digital security

Ensure that the locks you have are of the best quality, and remember to keep the doors locked at all times. You can also install the latest advanced door security features with voice control and an inbuilt camera for increased security.

Problem 2: Fall risk

If you have children or seniors around, this is an even more significant concern. Wet floors, slippery tiles and footwear, and more are risky for everyone.

Solution: Anti-skid tiles, Anti-slip carpets, install safety rails

When buying rugs and door mats, look for anti-skid ones. Similarly, if you are installing tiles in your home and especially in the bathroom, get ones with high friction. Additionally, you can also install safety rails in bathrooms for seniors to hold on to when bathing.

Problem 3: Child safety

Having children at home means requiring a whole different list of safety features installed. From cords from appliances to having coins, paperclips, etc., lying around, every nook and corner needs to be looked at. 

Solution: Child-proofing the home

Keep cords from appliances away from kids’ reach to prevent accidental strangling. Unplug appliances from the socket when not in use. Keep choking hazards away. Keep table clothes in such a way that a curious toddler can’t tug at them.

Problem 4: Fire hazard

Disasters are waiting to happen, an unattended curling iron, a candle burning right next to a curtain, etc. Every one of us has put on a pot of water to boil, stepped away to answer a call, and returned an hour later to a destroyed pan.

Solution: Be mindful & install fire alarms

Try and pay more attention to things around you. But since mistakes happen, it is better to have a backup and install fire alarms. Don’t forget to buy a fire extinguisher too!

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