Expensive Additions That Are Worth The Price Tag

In the name of making your luxury flats in Koramangala or any other neighbourhood look aesthetically pleasing, people splurge on home items that are unnecessary and not worth it at all. Like those ridiculously expensive wall art or lighting fixtures that don’t add up to the space, you know. While your space needs to say a lot about your style, it is crucial to add home items that make sense and are worth every penny. If you are someone who wants your home to look aesthetically pleasing but will not just spend your hard-earned money on anything, this blog is for you. Here is a list of expensive additions that are worth the price tag.

Air Purifier: With the increasing concern of air quality today, an air purifier is a must-have. If that wasn’t enough, COVID-19 made its way into the world. One of the best ways to protect your family is to not overlook the need for an air purifier. Did you know that air purifiers can help reduce airborne contaminants including viruses in a closed space? It is more than an appliance used to clean the air. From reducing allergies to killing germs and bacteria, an air purifier is worth every penny spent. This way, you can help your family to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you are worried that an air purifier will break the style of your room, you are mistaken. With so many types of air purifiers available today, you can pick one that goes with the décor of your room. There is no doubt that it is money well spent!

Smart Thermostat: It is one of the cost-effective ways to save on your energy bills. You have more control of the heating and cooling of your space. You can control the temperature of your home from your smartphone, which helps so much in minimising energy costs. The best part is most smart thermostats come with movement detectors. So over a period, they learn the movement of your family members and the cooling and heating needs of the house and adjust accordingly.

Smart Home Surveillance System: Bet you have wondered what your kids must be up to while you were sitting in the office. Even on a family vacation, you probably can’t stop thinking about if everything is fine at home. Having a home surveillance system in place will spare you with this additional anxiety. You can instantly open the home surveillance system app and check for yourself. It is that simple and worth the money!

Video Doorbell: You know that feeling when the doorbell rings, and you have no idea who is on the other side of that door. The best part of a video doorbell is firstly the obvious one is you know who the person is and enquire what they want without opening the door. You can also check who stopped by during the day while away from your home.

Digital Locks: Looking for extra security? Ditch the conventional locks and invest in a digital lock. Digital locks offer more security to the user. They have been growing in popularity and now are available in different types. There is a keypad, Bluetooth, electronic card reader and a biometric digital lock. All offer more or less the same amount of security, but the biometric digital lock is considered the best in this type of lock system. This is because no two people have the same fingerprints, giving you extra security.

Motion Sensor Lighting: A convenient option over the conventional lighting system. You can step into a room and not have to search for the light switch first or walk into a dark home. You never have to get out of bed in the middle of the light, worrying if you have switched off all the lights. It is another cost-effective security system, as you will get to know when somebody walks into or out of a room. If you have kids, you will never have to go through the pain of stepping onto toys spread all over the room. You can also control the lighting system of your home with Alexa’s help. You don’t need to worry about the hardware or anything, just invest in smart bulbs and install the Alexa app. Your job is made easier.

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