Feng Shui tips while designing your kitchen to keep in mind

Feng Shui is one of the most popular ancient Chinese practices followed by people worldwide to create a living space that brings harmony and well-being. In Gen-Z terms, you can even say it helps bring home the “good vibes”. According to Feng Shui, a house has three major energy centres, starting with the front door, then the bedroom, and finishing with the kitchen. This trinity of energies must be balanced for healthy and prosperous living. 

The kitchen is where the fire element resides, and the fire is believed to suppress the negative Chi (the life force or energy that inhabits everything). Here are a few to keep in mind to design a Feng Shui-friendly kitchen.

  1. Location
    The placement of a kitchen in a home is very important. According to Feng Shui, a kitchen should never be placed in the centre of the house as it would symbolize fire attacking the heart of the home. It is also essential to ensure that there are no bathrooms directly across the kitchen, as the bathroom’s water element will suppress the kitchen’s fire element. For the same reason, it is advised not to place the sink and the stove opposite each other. North, Northeast, South, and Southwest are ideal locations to build a kitchen in a home. 
  2. Colour
    Feng Shui suggests white as the perfect choice of colour for a kitchen. However, it also offers other alternatives if you want to try something. Earthy colours like brown, beige, and yellow will help you attain a grounded look and more stability. Colours like blue and green will help you bring in the wood element and promote growth, vitality, and flexibility. A mix of white and grey signifies the metallic element that will bring joy, perfection, and clarity. Red and orange can also be used as these colours are linked to fire and can nurture passion and inspiration.
  3. Lighting
    Lighting plays a major role in attracting positive energy. Feng Shui advises using natural lighting to promote a continuous good energy flow. Make sure to have big windows that allow plenty of sunlight and substantial ventilation. Consider incorporating layered lighting to uplight the mood and tone of the kitchen. 
  4. Stove Placement
    The stove should always be clean, and it should be placed in front of a wall. According to Feng Shui, the wrong stove placement can affect living harmony and even cause problems for people trying to have children. The stove should be placed in a manner that you should be able to see the door while cooking. However, the stove should not be in line with the door too. You can tackle this problem by keeping a mirror above the stove to see a reflection of the door.
  5. No broken items
    It is highly advised to avoid broken or chirped crockery in a kitchen. Crockey symbolizes wealth and fortune, so it advised replacing chipped or dented crockery immediately. This also applies to kitchen appliances, tools, and other utensils, as it signifies the health and nourishment of your family. 
  6. No Clutter
    Keeping the space clutter-free is a crucial point in Feng Shui. Make sure you only have items required in the kitchen stored in the kitchen cabinets. Declutter the cabinets once in a while and remove unnecessary tools and utensils. Keeping the kitchen clean and well-organized all the time reflects vibrancy and prosperity. 

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