Finding the Urban Oasis in the Pollution-stricken Bengaluru

After the nightmarish experience people of delhi have been undergoing due to pollution, a crisis has struck all metros and urban areas of India. Even Bengaluru is haunted by the rising air pollution. Official ambient air quality monitoring has already shown 57% increase in particulate matter in just 4 years (2010-2014) and 23% in one year (2013-14- 2014-15). In more than 85% of monitoring locations the levels have exceeded standards.

CSE exposure monitoring has provided clinching evidence of alarming dose that an average Bangalorean breathes on a daily basis in different parts of the city – 3 to 12 times higher than the ambient level recorded by official monitors.

With growing vehicle numbers and rise in construction activity, resultant congestion and dieselisation, air pollution is a growing concern in the city. The city is losing its inherent advantage of dominant commuting practices – use of bus and walking at the cost of clean air and public health.

Although civic authorities treat this as a temporary problem, environmentalists have raised an alarm. Bangalore needs stringent measures including leapfrogging emissions standards to Euro VI, curbing dieselisation, scaling up of integrated public transport, car restraints and walking for clean air.

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) released its results from its recent analysis of the official ambient air quality monitoring in Bengaluru as well as its own exposure monitoring in Bengaluru. This has exposed very high level of pollution within the breathing zone of people. This indicates serious public health risk.

Amidst this chaos, and while the authorities take measures to curb this issue, one needs to add another item to their checklist, air quality. A property seeker should ensure the 3 & 4 BHK luxury flats in Bangalore that they wish to buy is secured from such pollution hazards where there family and children stay home all day. There is a high need to find a living space that separates you from the polluted environment all around, there is a need for what we call: The true Urban Oasis.

Advaitha Aksha is one such property with 4000 Acres of pure greenery surrounding the apartment in Koramangala for sale from three sides and another side overlooking a pristine lakeview. Advaitha Aksha is isolated of the urban chaos, yet in the middle of everything. Pollution levels within the vicinity have been found much below the permitted levels. Located in the most happening part of Bangalore, Koramangala, Advaitha Aksha is the centre of everything away from everything.

The ample greenery that surrounds Aksha is breathtaking, a view you can fathom in when you visit the site. Amidst these rising pollution levels, what is the Life you would choose?