While this pandemic has given us a chance to spend time with our family, parents with kids are drained of energy having to entertain the little ones all day long. Parents often find themselves feeling guilty about not keeping kids occupied with something other than a phone. Since most people are working from home, having to entertain and educate kids is a challenge.

Here are 9 things you can have your kids do to have fun even while indoors.

  1. Board games: The easiest and simplest of them all, if you have young kids or even teenagers, you can check out some cool board games! Board games are available for people of all ages. They will keep kids away from the screen and help with their development and growth.You can start off with simple games like Scrabble, Monopoly or even Ludo!
  2. Gardening: Having kids take care of plants can be really exciting and fun. This engaging activity helps them learn responsibility at a young age and positively impacts their mood.
  3. Involving them while cooking: The kitchen should not be a restricted space for your kids. Cooking with kids is a great way to bond with them. Teach them how to make healthy snacks using kid-friendly tools to help them in physical development and building confidence.
  4. Indoor picnics: One of the things kids miss is going outdoors for a picnic. You can still make this happen by recreating this in your balcony or the terrace. Simply prepare some finger foods, and spend some time with your kids watching a movie, playing a game, or reading a book.
  5. Virtual meetings: Another thing they miss is meeting their friends, or other family members. Be sure to schedule a video call with their loved ones.
  6. Reading: Starting a book challenge could be a fun new activity for the kids. You could also keep it interesting by having them read out loud or even enact the scene.
  7. Chores: No kid likes doing chores. However, make it interesting by creating a game out of it. For example, write a few chores on chits and place them inside cups. Make your kids throw a ping pong ball into the set of cups. Whatever cup the ball lands on, they have to do the chore listed in it.
  8. Sign up for online activities: The internet has a lot of helpful sites with online activities like learning sites, how-to-videos for making art, dance/music classes, and more. Sign them up for one they are interested in.
  9. Fact sheet about favourite anything: Every kid has something they are obsessed about. It could be an animal, a fruit, a word, an object. Ask your child to research that particular thing and create a fact sheet about it. This will definitely take up a lot of their time and help them learn something new every day. Don’t forget to add this activity to the daily schedule.

The key to keeping your kids occupied indoors is introducing them to new and fun activities that give them enough reason to stay indoors. These 9 ideas to keep your kids occupied are a great way to get you and them through the day.
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