Green is the color of life!

Posted on 23 July 2018

According to Feng Shui, green symbolizes renewal, regeneration and energy. It’s the color of life and precursor of a new beginning. The clean and positive vibes emanating from it, makes ‘green’ stand out in the color wheel. Healing properties are associated with it too. Feng Shui specialists often suggest to integrate indoor plants to attract positive energy in your ready to move luxury apartment in Koramangala or any other part of the city. It’s an inspirational color as it draws the power from nature itself.

The body, mind and soul feel incomplete without nature’s pampering. The natural green belt around the 4 BHK luxury apartments in Bangalore — Advaitha Aksha — unifies this triad in perfect harmony. With luxury cocooned in 4000 acres of lush greenery, the property personifies Opulence. The finest residential enclave, draped in natural green is housed right in the heart of the city. Koramangala, Bangalore. Breathe in fresh life every day and dance to nature’s symphony.

All good things come in the natural shades of green. Tree lined roads, themed landscapes, aromatic garden, bright flowering plants and green walkways – every corner at Advaitha vehemently proclaim – ‘Go Green’! Replete with a spectrum of luxurious amenities, Advaitha Aksha blends with class and finesse. For holistic wellbeing – soak, breathe and unwind in the in-house swimming pool, spa, gym etc. There are plenty of choices available in the premises through which once can set the soul free from the fetters of life.

Greener patches in the concrete jungle are soothing to the eyes and have a calming effect on the body. Advaitha Aksha is a green opportunity of a lifetime.

Believe in Green
Practice Green
Live every moment soaked in natural green!!!