Here is how a well-ventilated house can help you beat daily stress

Posted on 23 Jun 2017

Stress is an emotion that has become a part of our daily life, the reasons to support this statement are plenty. Some of the common reasons may include, a long day at work, commuting through congested traffic or even a poorly ventilated house. When there is less light and no adequate airflow in your home, the impact it leaves on your day is negative. On the other hand, when you wake up to a well-lit room, or to the gush of fresh air, the positive vibe it carries tends to impact your mind and body positively.

Ample sunlight and fresh air, plays a significant role in setting your mood for the whole day. Sunlight helps in boosting your serotonin levels. It makes you feel happier and more energetic. It’s a proven fact that regular exposure to sunlight can help you fight depression. So, having ample allowance for light and adequate airflow will do a lot of good on your mental health. When buying a 4 BHK luxury flat in Koramangala or other upcoming areas in the city, ensure you check how well-ventilated the house is.

Good ventilation and the atmosphere that it creates around you is a positive one. A calm mind can always assess situations and conditions that could reflect in good decision-making. So, make sure you are always at your best spirits during the day, and to make that happen, the best way is to do this is to surround yourself with a comfortable living space around you that is well-ventilated. Stress can be dealt in many ways, we believe bringing in more ventilation into your 3 & 4 BHK luxury apartment in Koramangala or other prime locations of the city can help you overcome stressful situations more often. The best way to fight stress is to face it the right way, and the stepping stone to doing this is to move into a well-ventilated house.