future outdoor parties

“What food do I serve?”

“Will people have a fun time?”

“What if something goes wrong?”

From what to who to how the questions are endless when planning to host an outdoor party. And rightly so because we still remember that one god-awful party with unnecessary drama that your friend circle still talks about. So, let’s move on to planning one that will only be discussed as the benchmark for all future outdoor parties.

Planning an outdoor party can get a little stressful. But with winter days approaching, being outdoors doesn’t make you hot and sweaty anymore. So take advantage of that lovely, chill weather. Here are a few tips to ensure that you host a good party and have your partying worry-free, as you should.

1. Pick a theme

Christmas, Halloween, birthday? Or even if you randomly decide to have some friends over, pick a breezy theme because everything from what to wear to picking out the decorations becomes much easier afterward.

2. Get the ambience right.

Lighting plays a vital role in outdoor parties. If it’s an evening party, plenty of warm strings of lights in all the right places add to the ambience and ensure that people are aware of the surroundings and won’t trip over the trash can.

3. Spend some time picking out the playlist

Don’t underestimate the power of good music because it decides the vibe of the party. Depending on the guests, choose an awesome playlist you know they will vibe to and play it at the right volume too! If you pick right, the hip swings and the grooving will need no persuasion.

4. Fooood!

Admit it; the first thing you think of when invited to any event is the food. First, get the quantity right. You do not want to end up with less food or a lot of it going to waste. Next, consider your guest list to find out if there are any dietary restrictions you should be aware of. If there are, label the food accordingly. You don’t want to fire up the grill for only meat and have vegetarians or vegans left ignored. Oh, and put on some refreshing drink options for the guests to relish.

5. Call up the guests & give some details.

A phone call or text that says, “Hey, come over on Friday, we are hosting a party,” will leave them wondering what to wear, if they should bring something, whether it is a big party, and more. Let the guests know what to expect, so they know what they are walking into. This will also decrease the chance of any unexpected drama or misunderstanding.

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