Here’s Why You Should Buy a House in the City Instead of the Suburbs

Heart says the city, but head says suburb?! If you have been contemplating whether you should buy a house in the city or the suburbs, just like every other home buyer, this blog is for you. 

Suburbs offer a lot of open spaces and calm, which the city, to some extent might fail to provide. But the city has its own charm and a lot of advantages. If you are someone who loves the city but trying to comprehend and make the right decision, here are a few points why you should buy a home in the city instead of the suburbs.

Easy access to everything: One of the key advantages of living in the city is that everything you need is just around the corner. Whether you are looking for the best shopping centres, supermarkets, schools & colleges, eateries or anything else, every neighbourhood of Bangalore has all the amenities one needs in close proximity. Though this kind of convenience comes at a high price, it is absolutely worth it. Having everything you need nearby is any day better than paying less for a property only to spend hours together in traffic.

Diverse crowd: Out of all the things the city offers, this one tops the list. Imagine living in a place where you meet people from all over the country/world! You get to be a part of their festivals and celebrations. You also get to experience a bit of every culture. That’s why many people choose to buy property in the city. Many popular neighbourhoods of the city, such as Kormangala, are home to people from all over the country. You will also find a variety of cuisines available to cater to the diverse crowd. So whether you are craving an American burger, Pizza or Chopsey, you will find it in Koramangala. You will find different types of apartments in Koramangala too.

Closer to major IT Parks: Most major IT parks are situated in the city. Some of which are Bagmane Tech Park and Manyata Embassy Business Park. If you are working in one of these or any other IT park in the city, it only makes sense for you to buy a home in the city. Because nobody wants to end up spending their evening in a cab or driving back home when they can spend time with family.

Travelling becomes exhausting: If you have to head to the city a few times a week, if not daily, you should definitely think it through. Take a moment, calculate the time you will spend travelling and how heavy it is going to be on your pocket, among other factors. Let’s say you have many friends or your office is in the city. The amount of time you will spend on the road is not even funny. 

Better Property Appreciation: This goes without saying, whether you are buying a property as an investment or end-use, you should always look at it in terms of the long run. As in, is the property good? Will it provide good returns on investment? What is its appreciation value? With so many amenities, convenience, and a bunch of other things, properties in the city tend to appreciate faster than properties in the city outskirts.

The city outskirts are beautiful no doubt, but the city is convenient. So if you are more inclined to buy a home in the city, you should go for it! There are many prime neighbourhoods in the city that are a great catch. If are looking for a neighbourhood that is balanced and has the best of everything, Koramangala is for you. Along with plenty of choices, entertainment hubs, and Forum Mall, Kormangala also has Advaitha Aksha. This ready to move luxury apartments near Koramangala is everything you wished for. It is well thought out, spacious, and offers vast open spaces, greenery, quiet and calm despite being in the city. Call us to know more about our 4 BHK luxury apartments for sale in Koramangala.