Hit by a pandemic, we were sucked back into reality and hit with the fact that nothing we have can be taken for granted. The rental population is branching out to homeownership to be more in control of the place they live in, while homeowners are in search of 3 or 4 BHK luxury apartments in Koramangala or any other prime location of Bangalore that come with amenities, allowing them to access everything at an arm’s reach.

While a luxury home has always been on everyone’s bucket-list, what has been altered in that expectation solely because of a pandemic? Here are our top 3 picks for marked changes in buyer behaviours.

1. Larger Area: Being forced to stay indoors was definitely far from a pleasant experience. When the four walls of your room became your new office, where you eat, sleep, workout, and whatnot, you started noticing the drawbacks of the place. With work-from-home expected to be the norm for a while, housing projects with designated areas for work, relaxation, socialising, and more are much in demand.
2. Shift from the usual amenities: In a pre-covid era, the amenities expected were swimming pools, party halls, jacuzzi, and more shared spaces. However, in a post-covid era, we understand the change in priorities. Being more health conscious, jogging tracks, gyms are on top of everyone’s list. A place out of home but still safe from crowds where people can unwind like libraries, private parks, spa, meditation and yoga center, sports courts, and more have become the most in demand amenities.
3. Location: While having a place in the midst of a street full of branded stores was a brag in a pre-covid era, the priority now is far from it. Good hospitals, access to medical stores, grocery stores, and other essentials are all that truly matters. Places close to nature with lesser crowds are the way to help keep mental health intact.

After a long day at work, we recognise the need to step out and unwind. Step into our gates and you shall have a private world of your own, away from all worries and city bustle. Our long list of amenities lets you and your family have fun together, without compromising on safety or bound by the walls of your home.

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