How’s your Kitchen (L)Cooking!

Posted on 17 Apr 2017

Kitchen! Whether you have a 3 & 4 BHK luxury apartment in Koramangala or any other part of the city, the kitchen stays an integral part of your home. Kitchen is the major location for cooking, storage and storing, an essential part of your house that’s bustling most of the time. A kitchen isn’t just about a location, it’s a place where you spend some decent time of a day and you would need it to be arranged and placed as per your convenience.
Taking an indispensable part of your life, here are a few tips that you add a flavour of you to your kitchen: –

Rolling Ladders: – Adding extra storage on the top shelves could be a great idea for storage related issues. While accessibility could be a problem, installing a rolling ladder could reduce the hassles of reachability and enable a feature of easy to reach high-celling cabinets and would add a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Tiny Cabinets: – With your ever-increasing need to satisfy your taste buds calls out for a lot of cooking experiments. To squeeze that extra storage, an addition of small cabinets could really prove useful, fixing small cubicles to fill in the space above a sunny window.

Pot Rack: –Bulky pans could take up valuable real estate space in the kitchen and could hinder movements. Installing an industrial pot rack could be an easy fix for the pot storage problems and to give your kitchen a retro look and feel.

Open Shelving: –For an airy feel, open cabinets are the remedy instead of upper cabinets. This could be an easy add on feature to your kitchen that not only adds to your comfort but mirrors a very stylish persona.

Backless Chair: – A trio of backless chair could be added to the kitchen to slip right under the counter. This could save space in the kitchen space and allow for easy movements across the kitchen at the same time bring on a touch of style and elegance.

Use these tips in your kitchen, be it a 4 BHK luxury flat in Koramangala or a premium villa in some other prime location of Bangalore.