Keep your Home Monsoon Ready: A walkthrough of simple tips & tricks

The onset of monsoon in Bengaluru has brought in a sigh of relief amongst the people. While this could be the perfect time to let yourself loose and enjoy the weather, it’s imperative that we take care of ourselves against the ailments as well as our homes. Here are some tips to keep your home safe and secure this monsoon:

Check for leakages:
Whether ist is a 4 BHK luxury flat or 3 BHK apartment for sale in Koramangala or any other area in Bangalore, ensure a thorough check up is done on all the water outlets to better protect your home against leakages. An audit of the house during the fall of summer is advisable to keep the house well prepared for monsoon. Look out for any wreckage in water pipes. Apply waterproof coatings wherever required and fix them for optimum protection against leakages. ‘Prevention is better than cure’, isn’t it?

Look out for dampness:
Dampness is not good for both your health and can also damage house contents. Take a note of high humid areas in your house and set up ventilators adequately to prevent dampness. Look out for signs of mould or fungal growth on walls and ceilings. Flaking paint, curling of wallpaper can also be indicators for dampness. To prevent this, it’s good to have a cross-ventilation system to allow fresh air to enter the house. Let the house breathe by opening windows when possible. Drying and washing indoors can cause a lot of condensation. So, dry laundry outdoors or use a tumble dryer. Don’t forget to remove excess moisture from the air inside the house. Using a dehumidifier can do wonders in helping you keep your house warmer and damp-free.

Keep an eye on your electricals and wirings:
Make sure all your electricals and wirings, both inside and outside the house are well protected during this monsoon. The wirings and switches outside can be insulated to avoid rain water contact. To protect your house overall from short circuits and electric shocks. Install a home lightning protection system. Unplug electronics and appliances during lightning. Since unplugging your electronics is not always possible, install transient voltage surge suppressors. This will help prevent your property from being damaged.

Keep your house clean:
Keeping your house neat and clean during monsoon is very important. Moisture in the air can cause a lot of problems in and around the house. Upgrade the drainage system. They will divert the water from heavy downpours away from your house. Check for termite infestation as humid atmosphere boost their growth. Make sure that wooden floors and furniture are properly polished to prevent moisture from building up. Ensure your carpets and rugs are cleaned regularly with a vacuum to avoid bad odour. To keep insects and infections away from your clothes, use cloves, neem leaves and naphthalene balls in your cupboards.

Avoid renovations during monsoon:
Monsoon might not be an appropriate time for major renovations. Renovating the whole house during this time can cause problems and might not give you 100% results. So, ensure your house is renovated before the season hits. But the rains can cause unexpected problems more often than not. So, fix that minor crack in the wall or replace that worn-out window awning and do renovations like painting the walls or waterproofing the house to ensure a dry and safe home. 

Be prepared for the rains:
Take precautions! Be conscious about important documents, books, jewellery etc. Use water proof zip-lock cases and boxes for conserving these documents. Fill up any minute cracks with plaster/white cement. Keep the windows gap-free between sliding’s with rubber lining. Treat the metal surfaces with waterproof spray to avoid rusting. Use translucent window drapes that will allow you to get enough light inside the house and at the same time doesn’t compromise on your privacy

Monsoon is one of the most wonderful seasons. While you begin to welcome the magical rains, make sure your house is prepared to welcome them too!