If you’re looking to invest in a luxury home but not sure what the most important factors that you need to look at are, we have some pointers for you! Reading these to ensure that once you move-in to your luxury home, you have all the luxuries of life that make you feel like you are living an exclusive life.

From basic amenities like gardens, greens and landscapes to abundant international-standard lifestyle amenities like clubhouse, spa, gym, pool, and more will make your life inside a luxury community an exclusive experience. The fact that we spend so much of our income on our dream home means that we shouldn’t settle for ‘basic’.

So if you are looking to buy a luxury home for yourself then go through the following checklist to ensure you are getting the home you deserve.

  1. A spot where city and nature overlap: When you are spending so much to buy a luxury home, then why not ask for the right mix of convenience and class. Perhaps a sweet spot between a vacation destination that’s packed with greenery and nature, and urban life that’s bustling with modern comforts like malls, hospitals, schools and more. True luxury is when both these overlap to give you an apartment that promises peace and tranquillity while being located in a prime city. Yes, it sounds like a stretch, but believe us, there are a few gems out there that actually offer this true luxury.
  2. A stunning view: Most apartments focus on what is inside it. But when buying a luxury home you can always demand/or look for one that offers a stunning view so that everyday you wake up to a blissful view which is a form of therapy in itself.
  3. Space for self love: Work can get too much and the stress of daily life can add a damper on your happiness. While a nice little walk in the park is the perfect way to destress, luxury apartments shouldn’t just offer you a park. They should also offer you therapeutic spaces to rejuvenate. When you are looking to buy a luxury apartment, ensure that it has a yoga park, acupuncture gardens, and spas on the property itself.
  4. Posh Amenities: Luxury apartments stand out with state-of-the-art, unique amenities like infinity pools, private terrace, high-tech gyms, sports courts, movie theatre, clubhouse, salon, library, work-from-home stations, and whatnot. Do ensure that your choice of apartment also has all of these or maybe more.
  5. Age no bar: Having an apartment that is inclusive to all ages is crucial. Creating spaces specifically for the elderly and children is important especially since it is them who spend the most amount of time inside the apartment gates. Acupressure walk area, board games, kids play area, and a bunch of other high-end amenities are must in your luxury apartment.
  6. Pollution-free life: When living in the midst of a city, you crave to breathe some fresh air. Themed landscape gardens, vertical gardens, and water bodies in luxury apartments make the therapeutic benefits of nature accessible.
  7. High-end design and quality: Apartments have all sorts of attractive features to reel you in. However, once you start living, you realise the importance of the quality of construction. Unmatched craftsmanship and artistry is a factor only luxury apartments keep in mind ever since they lay down the foundation of the project.

Amenities like power back-up, security, car parking facilities are all basic but important factors while looking for a home. What makes your living experience from basic to beautiful is the kind of amenities that you would only get in a luxury apartment project. If you are looking to upgrade your lifestyle to a great community loaded with amenities in the city’s best location then don’t forget to check out Advaitha Aksha. Situated in Koramangala, this project offers you all of the city perks, minus the city chaos. With state-of-the-art amenities and high quality lifestyle, you get to give yourself the life that you deserve.