Making Christmas Special, How To Throw A Party That Everyone Will Remember

Santa Claus, Christmas trees, plum cake and carols is what Christmas is all about. But what is Christmas without your loved ones? The best way to celebrate Christmas is by surrounding yourself with family and friends and the best way to do that is a house party. 

Let’s be honest, house parties are the best! You can organise the party at your convenience, be creative and decide when it is closing time. At the same time, throwing a party at home can be overwhelming too. Whether it is picking the decorations or deciding on the menu, there are so many things that you need to look into.

 So here’s a list of ideas that will help you throw a party that everyone will remember.

Pick a Theme: If you want to throw a party that everyone will remember as the best Christmas party in 2021, a theme party is a way to do that. Because who doesn’t like a theme party?! You can go all traditional or get as creative as you like. You can go all out and throw a beach, movie or a white Christmas theme party. The choices are endless. Picking a theme for your party will also help you set the tone for the party. Once you have decided on the theme, you can decide on the rest of the things. Ask your guests to dress up accordingly. It will be super fun!

Christmas Decorations: It isn’t Christmas without a Christmas tree and decorations. From the string lights, wreaths, tree ornaments, tinsel and candles, everything sets the mood. Now that you have got the theme picked out, you can plan your decorations too. But remember not to go overboard. You don’t want your place to look like a mess. Simple and sober is the way. Less is more! Remember to pay attention to the lighting of the room. Lights help you create a cosy atmosphere.

Create a Party Playlist: Music is a crucial part of every party. It can break or make a party. So, you might want to spend some time creating a playlist that screams Christmas but doesn’t bore your guests too. You can have a mix of songs that are perfect for listening pleasure and some groovy numbers for those who want to hit the floor. 

Have a Delicious Spread: The way to your guests’ hearts is FOOD! Want to throw a party that everyone will remember, then have a delicious spread and enough food. But remember not to order too much food. People usually enjoy indulging in finger food such as chips, sausages, cheesy fries and whatnot. Since you are throwing a Christmas party, you can add plum cake, rose cookies, kulkuls and other snacks. Tons of restaurants serve traditional Christmas lunch and dinner spreads. Also, don’t forget the dessert. It is the most important part of any meal.

A Photo Booth is a Must: Everyone is going to take tons of photos, so why not make it creative? This will be super fun. You can have props like Santa hats, Rudolph noses, headbands and many more. Your guests will enjoy taking pictures.

Remember to be a great host: Obviously this goes without saying, but people get so caught up with organising the party that they end up running around and not socialising with their guests. Take a minute to relax and enjoy your party. Dance, sing and make merry. Invite people to join the fun. Don’t look stressed since your guests are bound to feel your energy and might wonder if you’re stressed because of them! 

Serve your guests on time: Again, food is very important, but oftentimes people get so caught up with having fun that they forget about meals. Not all your guests might want to stay for the entire party and might leave half way, so ensure that they are well fed! Think of all the parties you’ve left without eating!

Organise games, activities: Games are a great way to break the ice, especially if you’ve invited multiple groups of friends over. Start with some fun silly games, Karaoke, charades, you can even ask your guests to decorate the tree. Keep them occupied so there is no lull in the energy of the party!

Gift them cute trinkets: Christmas isn’t the same without gifts, pick cute gifts for people to take home. Work with any budget you have in mind and find things people will love. From a hot chocolate mix to spices to custom made trinkets to home decor. Go as creative as you like. 

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