Having The Best Home Experience By Being Good Neighbours

Your home experience is not limited to the walls of your apartment. It includes the time you spend from the time you enter the gates to the time spent inside your home and even while using common amenities. This also means that part of your home experience depends on your neighbours as well. You could do everything right and still not have a good experience at home if your neighbours aren’t exactly the best.

Before you start complaining about your neighbour, ask yourself if you are being a good one. Being a good neighbour comes with a lot of benefits, starting with having a better quality of living. Here are 5 points to keep in mind to ensure that you are being an amazing neighbour.

1.Respect: No, we don’t mean the “respect your elders” we were taught in school. When we say respect, we mean to understand and respect that every person is different and has different interests and personalities. This means that you could be a person who is very outgoing and loves socialising, but your neighbour can be someone who likes to keep to themselves. Certain actions that are normal to you may be disturbing your neighbour. Respect each other’s personalities and differences.

2.Community areas: The one place you are bound to see many of your neighbours is the community areas. Sharing amenities can often cause problems. Always make sure that you are mindful about using the common area. Clean up before you leave. Treat the properties like they are your own. Don’t hoard the area or amenity either.

3.Parking: Parking etiquette is key. When you park your vehicle, make sure that you aren’t parking it in such a way that the person parked next to you does not end up in a tight spot. If you are going out or coming home late at night or early morning, try not to rev your engine a lot and create a noise disturbance.

4.Noisy and Nosey: Noise in the form of loud music, footsteps, etc. is one of the most commonly complained about problems with neighbours. But we are not asking you to never have a good party with music or enjoy dancing in your apartment. If you are planning to host a party that is bound to create some noise, try and wrap it up before it is too late. Or, give your neighbour a heads up about the party. However, if even the sound from your TV speaker is creating a disturbance to them, try and change the direction in which the speakers are pointed. If it’s a once-in-a-while thing, inform your neighbours beforehand. If it is an everyday thing, try and make some changes from your end to respect their space.

5.Kids and pets: If you have kids or pets, there are a few more things to keep in mind. If you are letting your kids play outside, keep an eye on them and how they interact with the other kids. Your children should not be a source of disturbance to anyone. If you have pets, then ensuring their good behaviour indoors and outdoors also falls on you. Clean up after them when you are taking them for a walk in an attempt to keep the neighbourhood clean.

Having a good neighbour first requires you to be a good one. When you are mindful of your practices and behaviour, chances are your neighbour will notice and reciprocate the behaviour. You can experience great community living when the neighbourhood is one of your likings.

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