More Than a Roof Over Your Head

Everyone has a dream home they aspire to own one day. Though a “dream home” is very subjective, there are a few points that we look for in the home of our dreams. The list includes a great neighbourhood, environment-friendly features, a luxurious touch, well-designed, spacious, vast open spaces, breathtaking views and top-notch amenities to unwind after a long day. If these are some of the things you are looking for too, Advaitha Aksha is for you. Here are a few factors about Advaitha Aksha that make it worth every penny.

Location, location & location: A dream home can be everything you have ever wished for, but if the location/neighbourhood is not good, it is a deal-breaker. Advaitha Aksha is situated in the most happening neighbourhood of Bangalore — Koramangala. This neighbourhood has everything you can think of – from amazing restaurants to Grade A tech parks and entertainment hubs to top educational institutions. Not just that, all the amenities are located nearby, making it even better.

Vast open space and lots of greenery: While the location is the top factor, another thing that everyone wants today is to be closer to nature and lots of greenery. People want to wake up to breathtaking views and birds chirping, instead of the city’s noise. Advaitha Aksha understands homebuyers’ sentiment well and offers breathtaking views of 1,500 acres of the no-development zone: Bellandur Lake, Defence Land & Agara Lake. When you step onto your balcony, all you see is greenery. This is something that you don’t get with every luxury flats in Koramangala

World-class amenities: Want to unwind after a long day or just want to do something you enjoy? At Advaitha Aksha, the ready to move luxury apartments near Koramangala has a long list of top-notch amenities you can’t overlook. You can find amenities such as steam & sauna, Zumba studio, rejuvenating garden, infinity rooftop pool, gazebos, mini retail, library, hammock court and elderly social space, to name a few. Told you you won’t be able to ignore the amenities!

Luxury finishes: There is no stone unturned at Advaitha Aksha. Apart from the amenities and everything else, the fittings are also closely looked into. The fittings for these 4 BHK luxury apartments in Bangalore are handpicked from top brands such as IPSA, Fenesta, Kajaria, Godrej, Otis, and Jaguar Premium and more.

Sustainability features: These ready to move luxury apartments near Koramangala are all about reducing the impact on the environment. Advaitha Aksha received the IGBC Gold pre-certification, the first rating programme introduced in India. This is an initiative taken by the government to create eco-friendly residential properties. The sustainable features at Advaitha Aksha include electric vehicle charging facilities, rainwater harvesting, water-efficient techniques, organic waste management, and special window glasses to enhance daylighting.

Smart home features: Technology is so advanced today that you can manage your home temperature from anywhere, get real-time alerts, motion detection, and a lot more. Advaitha Aksha wants you to have the convenience of technology too, that’s why you get home-automation-ready apartments with an Advaitha Aksha home. The home automation by OSUM is compatible with smart home devices, making life uber convenient for you.

So if you are looking for ultra-luxury 4 BHK luxury apartments in Bangalore, Advaitha Aksha is the one. This project sounds and looks straight out of your dream. So hurry, only a few more 4 BHK units left for sale. Don’t hold back; schedule a site visit today!