Things to keep in mind while buying a home when you have children

Remember the home where you spent your entire childhood doing the most random and fun things! Ah, good old days! Even though your home was tiny or didn’t have a swimming pool, it was the best for you. You don’t have any bitterness towards it whatsoever. Now that you are a parent yourself, you want to give your child nothing but the best, be it a home with a courtyard or top-notch amenities. You want your child to have a great childhood, starting from a cosy home, where they get to create wonderful memories they carry with them all through their life.

However, when you think of buying a home when you have children, there are a few things you would need to consider. Here is a list to make it easier for you.

The neighbourhood: While you would want to buy a home away from the hustle and bustle of the city, your kids might want the exact opposite. They might want to stay closer to their peers and entertainment hubs in the city. As a parent, you want your kid to be independent and go around themselves. At the same time, you want them to be safe. So do proper research; finding out how near the essentials or how safe the neighbourhood is crucial. Ensure their school/ college, top hospitals, and everything your kids might require is available.

Recreational amenities: This is a crucial factor to consider when you have kids, as even children like adults need some time off from their routine. Look at a property that offers a plethora of top-notch amenities, which doesn’t require kids to step out from the apartment every time they want to unwind or have fun. Ensure the property you buy, be it a 2 or 4 BHK luxury apartment in Bangalore, has amenities for children of all age groups. For example, a reading corner, tot-lot area, tennis court, party deck area and basketball court, to name a few.

Nature and Open Spaces: While recreational amenities are great for kids, another thing that is excellent for them is greenery and open spaces. Open spaces such as landscaped gardens, parks, and small water bodies positively affect children as well. Children who grow up amidst greenery and open spaces tend to be healthier, happier and boost their imagination. Since it is crucial for not just you but also your kids, it makes it all the more essential. As per the National Building Code of India guidelines, developers & builders must include greenery and landscaping as part of their project plan.

The Layout of the Home: Yes, checking the layout of the home you are about to buy is another crucial factor. Whether you have a 1-year-old or an 8-year old kid, they always need room for a zillion things. If it is not their toys, it is their books or something or the other. Not just that, as they grow to become teenagers, they will also require a bedroom with an attached bathroom. So you will need to consider their lifestyle and choose a home that is best suited for your kids, too.

Overall Safety: Finally, ensure the luxury flat you decide to buy should be safe for your kids. It should have 24/7 CCTV surveillance, a digital locking system, well-lit common areas and lifts from reputed brands, to name a few. Ensure it is a gated community with proper safety protocols, which allows no room for mishaps. Do enquire about the security system at the entrance as well.

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