A penthouse or the top floor of an apartment is often a dream housing option for many people, and rightly so especially in big cities. Living in one brings in a lot of advantages that could positively affect your lifestyle.

Here’s how selecting the right floor, aka, the top floor can be a game-changer.

  1. The view, duh! Skylines are best in a city where you could never get enough of the sunrises or night lights. Venture into a luxury penthouse to see how your days could be movie-like. Look at the pretty city lights or just gaze into the sky, lose yourself in the cool and rather beautiful views!
  2. Lesser noise and air pollution: While most luxury apartments come with good soundproofing, living in a penthouse means there is absolutely no space for a noisy upstairs neighbour to interrupt your zoom meetings. To be in peace with no city chaos while living in the midst of a city is a dream offered by high-end apartments. You also get to breathe clean, fresh air as dust is less likely to develop on higher floors. No early morning traffic, no horns, no smoke – just calm.
  3. Private Space: Living in a penthouse means having a lot of space all to yourself. The luxurious spacing makes it ideal for a family or for anyone who likes having people over. Top floor apartments or penthouses usually come with private decks that can be used to unwind and relax all by yourself.
  4. Space for creativity: The one thing that is exclusive to a penthouse is a large terrace which could be turned into a party area, gym, terrace garden, reading area, and whatnot. While every room in your apartment has a designated function, it is the terrace that offers you space to create an oasis for yourself.
  5. Light and ventilation: Nothing will obstruct all the air and light from entering your room in a penthouse. Being exposed to natural light and air is important for a healthy mind.
  6. Higher resale value: Due to the lack of good penthouses, the rare ones will get you a good resale value.

Being on the top floor comes with a lot of advantages others on lower floors do not get. Moving to a penthouse, especially one in a city, can bring all the peace and serenity you never dreamed you would get in a city. Advaitha Aksha, a luxury housing project in Koramangala, has 3 gorgeous penthouses with large terraces that are an absolute delight for investors. Make the switch to the crown jewel of Advaitha Aksha and experience what you have been missing.