Qualifying for a loan: What do you need to know?

If you think buying a home is a tedious task, getting a home loan is arduous on many more levels. If you are a first time home buyer, it is so complicated. Which bank? Which papers? Does the bank manager have to know you? Can you apply to any bank in the city? Are interest rates the same?  But with the right amount of information, you might save yourself a lot of time and money. Here are a few tips to make your getting-a-home-loan journey easier. The questions are simply unending. But even before trying for a home loan, there are certain things you must be aware of. It is important to familiarize yourself with common qualifications you are expected to meet and documents you might have to present! So, here we go!

Eligibility criteria

For you to be qualifying for a home loan, you should be an eligible candidate. Banks have certain parameters to check whether you are an eligible candidate. Below are a few points you must keep in mind for the same.

If you are an employee with a fixed salary;

  1. You should be a resident of India
  2. You should be salaried and working for 3 years and more
  3. Your age must be between 23 and 62
  4. The minimum loan amount you will be qualified for can be Rs. 10 lakhs
  5. The maximum loan amount you will be qualified for can be Rs. 3.5 Crores

If you are a self-employed person with a business or related career

  1. You should be a resident of India
  2. Your age must be between 25 and 70
  3. Your current business should be running for at least 5 years 

Please note: These criteria are generic and keep changing with banks. However, this will give you an idea of what a bank expects. Basically, a bank needs to know whether you are capable of repaying the home loan. 

Documents to be provided

Documents expected to be provided to a bank for the home loan process are more or less the same with almost all banks. Keep reading to know what documents are required for the home loan application process. 

  1. Completed home loan application
  2. Identification proof: It can be anything from an Aadhar card to an Electoral ID. 
  3. Age proof: Again, any official ID proof that includes your age will be enough.
  4. Proof of residence: You can use any ID proof that includes your permanent residential address
  5. Documents to prove your income, if you are a salaried employee. This includes Form 16, a Certified letter from Employer, Payslip of last 2 months, and IT returns of past 3 years.
  6. Documents to prove you have a steady income if you are self-employed. This includes Income Tax Returns of the last 3 years, Business License Details or any other equivalent documents, Business Address proof, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account Statement of the Company attested by a C.A, etc.
  7. Property documents like sale deed, encumbrance certificate, tax receipts, payment receipts, and all necessary documents asked by the bank.
  8. Passport size photographs.

These are a few basic things you must know for being qualified for a home loan. Apart from these, maintaining a healthy CIBIL score, having a steady income, having a good credit rating, etc. will increase your chances of getting a home loan. 

Applying for a home loan, qualifying for the loan and getting the loan are not as difficult if you have the right paperwork. The bank, like any lender, is going to question your ability to repay the loan, so don’t get intimidated by the potential questions you could get. The bank also checks the validity of the paperwork of the builder, construction approvals etc. So if it looks like the paperwork is taking time, don’t be scared or worried. 

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