Scientific interpretation of Vaastu

Posted on 02 March 2021

“Vaastu shastra” literally means the science of designing spaces in a way that is conducive to facilitating health, positivity and well-being of the residents. Most ancient cultures have a variation of vaastu; like Feng Shui, Wu Wei – these systems are based on ensuring that there is ample light, ventilation, space to move around, reduce clutter etc. These are more practical guides to home design than they appear. Whether you are religious or not, there is of course scope for you to incorporate these principles to live healthy, happy lives.
Before we get into vaastu, the most important question is, is it even practical in the 21st century? The answer is a huge yes! Whether you live in an 4 Bhk luxury flat in Koramangala, independent villa or are looking to construct a bungalow, no matter the size, you can build a home that’s vastu compliant. In fact, you should look for a vaastu compliant home like Advaitha Aksha if you are looking at investing in a luxury flat for sale near Koramangala. Advaitha Aksha is an amalgamation of modernity that’s also inspired by culture and heritage. These luxury flats of sale are an absolute dream for residents and investors alike!

  1. ‘Space’ is the first and most important aspect of vaastu, it is advisable to design the space as a square or rectangle. This serves the practical purpose of making sure that each corner has a purpose and there is no ‘wastage’ of it. Can you imagine a circular room or the space it would waste!
  2. The second aspect about vaastu is to ensure that there is ample light and ventilation in the room. According to vaastu, the doors of the home are supposed to face the East or North, this way to attract maximum early morning sunlight into your living space. The doors have to be proportional to the size of the house. The doors should be heavy, preferably made with teak. This offers security and structural integrity to the house.
  3. The third point is that vastu emphasises on ensuring that your space is aesthetically pleasing. According to vastu, the centre of the house should be empty; usually the living room. It makes perfect sense as the living room often serves as a connection between all the other private quarters, kitchen, bathrooms etc. This also allows for the free movement of all the occupants without resorting to parallel entry and exits.
  4. Vastu not just touches on the actual building but also on what you add as a part of the decor. According to vastu, imagery showing war, sorrow or violence is not recommended. The family home should be peaceful and welcoming, full of natural tones and vibrance.
  5. Vastu stresses on creating functional and purpose driven space; for instance according to vaastu, the dining space should be closer to the kitchen and not the home entrance, this serves a dual purpose, it is close enough so you don’t have to make multiple trips and also localises an activity to just one part of the house. One can only imagine the chaos if one had to travel for 5 minutes between the kitchen and the dining room while climbing stairs and while passing through a bedroom just to grab a meal.
  6. Similarly, study areas should be located in the west as the setting sun offers light well into the evening when most people study. The study area should have calming colours and bright light as the purpose of the room is to create focus and concentration.
  7. Finally, plants are something that are to be considered to ensure that your home is vastu compliant. Flowering plants, Tulsi, Bamboo are good plants to have as they promote positivity. Various types of cactus, banyan trees, mango trees are not advisable. These trees have deep roots that can potentially harm the building itself.

While vastu may seem complicated for one to adopt, it isn’t. If you follow Vastu, you are bound to have a well designed space and one that’s in line with science, for sure!
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