Simple perks of living in a smaller apartment complex like Advaitha Aksha

Apartment living is a metropolis’ default living situation and us city dwellers have realised how to make the most of it. We’ve opted for plush, luxury apartments complexes with amenities that individual homes could never offer, from gyms to spas and even swimming pools.

One of the trends that did take over and is still quite strong in some part is the rise of the huge complexes. 30 towers, 1500 homes, hospitals, hotels all within a complex, While the idea was quite interesting, these self contained communities were spread over huge land parcels and eventually were possible only in the outskirts of the city.

Here are a few reasons why picking a smaller apartment complex is beneficial in the long run

  1. Better views: Anyday. Imagine being surrounded by a few 100s of homes in every direction. In luxury apartments like Advaitha Aksha, with just 170 homes, there is a promise of a great view in every direction.
  2. Tranquillity: Chaos is a part of living in a metro, but the one place you must not settle for a chaotic life is your own home. You deserve to have a small piece of heaven. Not waking up to cars honking, children crying, TVs blaring and a general chaos that refuses to die down. You shouldn’t have to know the show your neighbour is watching. You definitely shouldn’t have to get late to work because 10 of your neighbours are using the lift at the same time.
  3. More amenities, fewer people: Imagine sharing a pool or a gym or any other amenity with a few hundred people everyday, Sure, you are probably right in saying there are always multiple pools or gyms when it is a large complex – yes, but we all know that one pool or gym is more popular than the other.
  4. Privacy: Like they say “these walls have ears”, they do if you are sharing walls. There is no promise of privacy if there are doors and windows all pointing in one direction. You should never have to alter how you dress, what you do, how loudly you speak because you are worried someone will overhear. Your home is a sanctuary where you should be able to be yourself.
  5. Safety: If you have kids, in large complexes, it is very difficult to know where your children are. Are they at the neighbours? In the library? Are they cycling in the park? Did one of the kids have a bright idea of stepping out of the society without informing anyone? But this goes beyond kids stepping out, this is also for everyone who comes into the complex. With multiple entry points, it is almost impossible to be sure about who anyone is and if they’ve been vetted by security.

For these and many other reasons apartments like Advaitha Aksha are becoming favourites among people. The privacy, the features and location have made it a truly irresistible investment opportunity.