Having a huge terrace all to yourself in an apartment located in the city is in itself a luxury. What takes it to the next level is what you decide to do with all that space filled with endless potential.
If you stick to drying clothes in that area, then, we are sorry, but that is a crime! Using all that space only to dry clothes is like buying an apple watch but only to check the time. Point is, there are some wonderfully unique ideas that could turn your terrace into a world of its own.

  1. Terrace Garden: The city chaos can be a little too much at times. Common garden areas of your apartment may get too social as well. This is why you can turn your very own private terrace into an Eden. With some easy maintenance plants and an aesthetic vertical garden, create a therapeutic spot for you to unwind after a tiring day.
  2. Reading area: Every time you see a scene in a movie where the protagonist is holding a book in one hand and a cup of coffee on the other with a gentle breeze blowing over her hair, the bookworm in you want nothing but the same. We say you can replicate the exact same feel in your private terrace . All you need are some comfy rugs, patio furniture, complementing lights, and maybe a tiny bookshelf and you can even start a book club!
  3. Barbecue/sky bar/party space: For all you foodies and social drinkers, turn your terrace into a spot for smoky barbecue, frequent grills, and some classy drinks. Create an epic party area for the extrovert in you. If you are a person who loves being a host and having friends/family over, take that empty space, add chairs, beanbags, a barbecue pit, fairy lights, and a sound system and get the party started.
  4. Open theatre: Who doesn’t like the occasional movie/television series binge? Invest in a projector, some furniture you can sink into, and a popcorn machine if you are feeling fancy. Don’t blame us if your friends never want to leave your open air theatre.
  5. Meditation/yoga/workout spot: Taking care of your mental and physical health is a crucial part of today’s lifestyle. If you are into meditation and yoga, turn the space into a peaceful one with plants. Ditch the plants and replace them with some hardcore gym equipment if you are more into that.

Having a huge empty terrace space in an apartment in the middle of a city like Koramangala is a luxury only Advaitha Aksha’s residents can get. With Advaitha Aksha you get to put your creative hat on and revamp a space exclusively for your passion.