beat the summer heat

Summer is coming!! How prepared are you to face the heat? If you still need to spend an enormous sum on AC, we have a few hacks to help you cope with the summer heat without burning a hole in your pocket. Even if you have an AC, why pay high electricity bills when you have “cool” tricks to keep the “cool” of your room? Here are three alternatives to beat the summer heat this summer.

  1. ‘Fan it right.’
    Using the fans the right way can be a game-changer. Fans, ideally, circulate the air around rather than bring a cooling effect. That’s why the placement of a fan is essential. Choose the coolest spot in your home and set up your pedestal or table fans facing toward the hot area. This helps in drawing in cool air and pushing the hotter air away. Another trick is to keep a bowl of ice or an ice pack in front of the fan to get a cool breeze. Similarly, it is highly recommended to switch on the exhaust fan in the kitchen and bathroom while you use it to push the hot air out. Ceiling fans are the most effective to circulate the air around. Ensure they run counterclockwise to pull up cool air from the ground. You can also use a box fan and set it facing outside. This will ensure the hot air goes out of your room.  There is no point in keeping the fan running while you are not in the room, as it won’t keep the room cool. 
  2. Better light solutions
    This would be your sign if you were looking for a push to switch to CFLs or LEDs. 90% of the energy used by incandescent bulbs comes off as heat. Ditching light bulbs will not only help reduce the room’s overall heat quotient but also help lower the electricity bill. Why not save a few bucks while you manage the heat?!
  3. Small changes, Big Impact
    Adapting a couple of lifestyle changes and changes in the house can come a long way. It is highly advised to keep your curtains and blinds shut in the morning when the heat is at its maximum. You can also put up window films to protect your spaces from sunlight while offering privacy. It is better to keep the unused rooms closed all the time so the cool air is confined to only areas that are used. Remember to keep yourself hydrated during the summertime. Wear loose, light-coloured, and comfortable clothes, preferably cotton. Pro tip: DO NOT FORGET TO APPLY SUNSCREEN! Include food items and drinks in your diet to cool your body down. 

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