A couple of years ago, none of us would have ever thought that buying property online would even be an option. But as the well-known proverb goes, necessity is the mother of all invention. During times like the ongoing pandemic, when stepping out isn’t safe, virtual tours have come as a great relief to home-buyers. A virtual tour of the property almost feels like you are physically walking through the space. Experiencing every nook and corner. Prospective buyers can now relax at their current home with a cup of coffee and take a tour of their future home. Continue reading to learn about the various benefits of virtual tours and why they are here to stay.

Authenticity: Seeing is believing, and no matter what, people buying a home want to see the project before purchasing the property. Taking into account the current restrictions, a site visit is very difficult. That’s where a virtual tour adds to the believability of the project. Homebuyers can inspect the fittings and finishes from the comfort of their current home.

Safe Distance: A virtual tour by definition ensures that social distancing is the norm! You don’t have to think of wearing a mask either or follow any such safety measure. A virtual tour allows you to concentrate completely on the property without any distraction.

Saves Time: During the pre-COVID days, you would have to consider the traffic, distance and travel time before stepping out for the site visit. Not to mention, after visiting the site, you have to do it all again. But virtual tours have replaced that aspect. You don’t have to consider traffic, distance or travel time! You save time and can use it to take a look at the property without the worry of getting stuck in traffic.

Democratizes the Home Buying Process: Earlier, visiting the property with your extended family was not feasible, but virtual tours have made it so easy. Today you can sit in your living room with your family and take a tour of the property online. It is that simple! Every family member can add to the conversation of whether to buy the house or not. From your 80-year old grandmother to your 10-year-old daughter, everyone can now be part of the home selection process. It makes the whole process a better experience for the entire family.

Revisiting The Property As Many Times As You Like: When you visit a site in person, you would explore it once and visit it again to check the progress. But what if you forgot to check a minute detail at the property? With a virtual tour, you can revisit the property whenever and as many times as you want. If you think of something about the property at 10 in the night, revisiting the property isn’t a problem at all. Thanks to advanced technologies like virtual tours.

Virtual tours are surely the need of the hour, but it is growing in popularity because of the convenience it brings. As convenience is what the modern customer seeks. The fact that prospective buyers can now view properties from any part of the city, has made virtual tours all the more desirable. It provides homebuyers to look at properties in any neighbourhood in the city. Those interested in buying ready-to-move-in premium homes in the city’s startup hub Koramangala can book their virtual tour slot for Koramagala’s prized community — Advaitha Aksha. This ready-to-move-in project offers luxury 4 BHKs in Koramangala, right at the Agara Junction. Overlooking 1500 acre of no development zone, which has already been chosen by 100+ HNIs. This premium project has themed landscaped gardens and green walkways, a luxury clubhouse and much more. You can visit our website and schedule a virtual tour of this project where the who’s who of town are moving in. Hurry! Only a few units are available at special prices.