Advaitha Aksha ticks all the boxes for a homebuyer looking to purchase a posh property in the heart of Koramangala. With a premier location, luxurious homes, world-class amenities and exclusive community, Advaitha Aksha is one of its kind. The project comes with a best-in-class architectural design with a space efficiency ratio of 78 per cent. While it offers everything for a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle, is it eco friendly? Of course, it is. The property is perfect in every aspect!

Continue reading to know about the top sustainability features at Aksha that make it eco friendly.

Energy Efficiency: The demand for more energy-efficient buildings or designs are currently crucial, considering the impact it has on the environment. Energy-efficient buildings provide the opportunity to save money and reduce greenhouse gas emission at the same time. This factor will only improve the environmental performance in the long run. Advaitha Aksha offers energy savings of 18.98% using IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) green homes modelling methodology. You also have the electric vehicle charging facility at Advaitha Aksha.

Water Conservation: While 70% of the Earth is covered with water, clean and fresh water is a limited resource. Making water conservation a crucial factor. At Advaitha Aksha, we use various water saving techniques like rainwater harvesting. We have water-efficient fixtures that use water wisely. At Advaitha Aksha, we also have on-site STP with re-circulation of water for landscaping and water meters for domestic, pool water and treated water consumption.

Building Materials & Resources: Sustainable building materials have a lower impact on the environment and are very efficient. At Advaitha Aksha, we use sustainable building materials with low VOC emissions. We use LED lights in common areas as they are more energy-efficient compared to the conventional lighting system. You will also see solar-powered street lights, as it plays a vital role in fighting climate change. The latest organic waste converter at Advaitha Aksha helps recycle kitchen waste and fertilize the environment. A hybrid DG set is also in place.

Environmental Quality: The environment plays a critical role in keeping up the quality of life. Proper ventilation and sunlight are crucial for everyone. Advaitha Aksha homes come with special window panes to enhance daylighting and offer maximum cross ventilation for a better quality of life.

Advaitha Aksha is an IGBC Gold pre-certified project. Tree-lined pathways, lush themed landscaped gardens, aroma gardens and eternal green views. Every space in Advaitha Aksha screams GO GREEN. This luxury project also offers breathtaking views of 1500 acres of no development zone across Agara Lake, Bellandur Lake and an infinite green zone. Visit the website today and schedule a virtual tour.