What Awaits You When You Move Into Your Advaitha Aksha Home

Everyone desires to wake up to breathtaking views and to enjoy their morning cup of coffee out in the open while getting some fresh air. But sadly, most people get to experience this only on a vacation at an exotic location. Having encountered this experience, most people crave a little more of it. That’s one of the reasons most people try to look for a property that offers better views, more landscaped gardens, and peace within the community. While it might seem a bit impossible to find a property like this in the developed areas of Bengaluru, at Advaitha Aksha you get exactly that.

Even though it is situated in the heart of Koramangala, Agara Junction, Advaitha Aksha offers its residents a serene life amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. That’s not all at Advaitha Aksha, you also get over 60 top-notch amenities that are sure to improve the quality of life. There is something for everyone here.

Continue reading to know what awaits you when you move into your Advaitha Aksha home.

Club Zone: Looking to spend some time by yourself? Or if you have someplace to be but need someone to take care of your kid/s, Advaitha Aksha has got your back. We have got a crèche within the community, which makes your work easier. You can head to the gym, yoga room, Zumba studio or the health club. That’s not all, you can play a round or two of squash, play some indoor games or head to the steam and sauna and allow yourself to unwind after a long and hectic day. If reading is something you enjoy, we also have a library where you can sit back and read your favourite novel without being disturbed.

Quiet/Elderly Zone: With the busy lives that everyone has these days, it is important to step away from electronic devices and indulge in something to help unwind. At Advaitha Aksha, we have options that will help you unwind and clear your mind. There is a relaxation nook, rejuvenation garden, therapeutic zone and a leisure deck, to name a few. We also ensure that the elderly have a place to spend by themselves, catch up with friends and exercise. There is an elderly zone, senior citizens’ garden, elderly social space, reflexology path and so many other amenities for the seniors at Advaitha Aksha. We also have a place for your pets, too — Pet Park Zone. There is a place for everyone at Advaitha Aksha.

Podium Zone: This zone is packed with a little bit for your body, mind and soul. Love meditating, but can’t find a quiet place to meditate? With an Advaitha Aksha home, you get a meditation lawn. No disturbances, whatsoever. There is an amphitheatre, performance area, children’s play area and a tot-lot area, among the other amenities. We also have a party lawn whenever you wish to throw a party, be it on any occasion.

Activity Zone: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Time off is necessary for everyone, irrespective of age and profession. At Advaitha Aksha, we understand the importance of walking away from your routine and indulging in something fun. That’s why we have an activity zone for the residents. In a chatty mood and want to catch up with your neighbour turned friend? We have just the place for you — The chit-Chat Zone. Want to relax and do nothing? Head to the hammock court. Apart from these amazing chillout zones, there is a gathering plaza, party deck area, serenity garden, aromatic herb garden, and so much more.

Fitness Zone: Keeping up with your fitness doesn’t have to be boring. We have a tennis court, basketball court and a youth corner. You can indulge in your favourite sport and continue to stay fit.

Green Zone: Lastly, with an Advaitha Aksha home you get to come home to peace and calm, even though it is located in the heart of Koramangla. You can also reconnect with nature and get a mesmerizing view of 1,500 acres of the no-development zone: Bellandur Lake, Defence Land & Agara Lake. With an Advaitha Aksha home, you wake up to peace and greenery every day for the rest of your life.

At Advaitha Aksha, there is no space for boredom. You can plan your day and treat yourself to some Zumba, reading or anything you would like to indulge in. The best part? You don’t even have to step out, everything you need to relax or stay fit is inside the premises. Log on to our website and book a site visit today. Only a few units left!