What is UDS, and how does UDS affect your investment at Advaitha Aksha

You are pumped about buying your dream home and you should be! It is a huge milestone, and you must look into every minute detail and consider crucial factors before investing in the property. Checking the neighbourhood, amenities and builder reputation are important for sure, but the factor that stands out is the land you will own.


When you invest in a property, a certain value of land is registered in your name. This is known as UDS (Undivided Share of Land). Many homebuyers are not even aware of UDS. So, before we dive into how UDS affect your investment at Advaitha Aksha, let’s understand UDS.


To start with, you are not just buying a home where you will reside but also buying a portion of land. The land on which the property stands. This share of land registered in your name is called the UDS (Undivided Share of Land).


It is crucial for various reasons such as:


  1. The overall property appreciation is not because of the value of the property, but because of the UDS per cent.
  2. If you are considering taking a home loan, the bank will check the UDS to sanction your loan request.
  3. In the case of natural calamity, redevelopment of property or any such situation, you will be compensated based on the UDS and not the value of the building.
  4. Lastly, you are sure to enjoy a high return on investment with a good UDS per cent.


That’s why when you are buying property, ensure the agreement copy has the exact details of the undivided share of land. It is for the same reasons a car parking area is crucial as well. If the builder is offering you car parking, the total car park area is added to your total UDS. But that is, only if the car park is documented in your name. So do ensure the developer registers the car park in your name.


Without a UDS, a premium property carries no value. That’s why Advaitha Aksha doesn’t only offer UDS but has the highest UDS 42 percent. Investing in Advaitha Aksha, you are sure to receive high returns on investment. The fact that it is in one of Bangalore’s prime locations — Koramangala — the land is sure to appreciate quickly. Make the best property choice with Advaitha Aksha. Schedule a site visit today!