What Makes Koramangala Special?

Just like Mumbai has Bandra and Delhi has Dwarka, Bangalore has Koramangala. Tree-lined streets, tons of restaurant and entertainment options, accessibility and there is so much that this neighbourhood has to offer. It is not just the localities, but the vacationers also want to have a taste of this uber-cool area. Whether you are looking for a place to sit down to discuss that all important meeting or to chill with friends, you are sure to find a place in Koramangala. 


Once you move to Koramangala, you never want to live anywhere else and Neha is exactly like that. Long time Koramangala resident, full time Koramanagala fan. We had a quick chat with Neha and she had so much to tell us about this neighbourhood.


    1. Hi Neha! It is great to have you on board for a quick chat. Before we dive in, can you tell us a little about yourself?


Sure! Hi, I am Neha. I have lived in Bangalore all through my life. I have completed my schooling and degree in Bangalore itself. I am an architect and have been working for the past 10 years now.


    1. Oh, that’s great! But could you tell us what made you choose Koramangala over other neighbourhoods in Bangalore?


Don’t u think for a local who have always stayed in Koramangala, it would have been of their parents choice then their.

We can change to tone to either-

1: They moved to bangalore for college and stayed in koramangala ever since

2: Their family home is one Koramangala and since they loved this location so much they and their family never thought to moving to another locality.


I mean, what is not to like in Koramangala? Entertainment spots? Check. Top schools and colleges? Check. And oh my god, the food options. Trust me, this neighbourhood keeps getting better. Yeah, sure, there are times when the city can get to you, but this area has some great spots that offer open spaces and views with so much greenery. You instantly feel calm and can unwind from the day’s stress. That’s one of the reasons that I fell head over heels with this place.


    1. Oh, that’s good to know. Those considering moving to Koramangala can surely add that point to their pros side of the list. Moving on to our next question. Where have you lived in Bangalore before moving to Koramangala?


Umm…I have lived in a few other places to stay closer to college and work. One of the first areas I lived in was Marathalli. The area is good in terms of transportation, restaurant options are not much, but I made do with whatever options were at my disposal. Something that I did like about that place is that it was dusty. I mean, really dusty. Then I moved to Indiranagar, then Ejipura and finally I landed in Koramangala. This is it for me. I’m not moving now for sure.


    1. That’s great, but when you started living on this side of the city, did you face any concerns?


Not really. In fact, I never had to leave Koramangala for anything because all my friends and colleagues wanted to hang out in this side of the city. I think it is the most sought-after area to live and work.


    1. Has accessibility been an issue when living in Koramangala?


The slow moving traffic of Bangalore is no hidden secret. Having lived here,  I was used to it. But there is Bangalore and then there is Koramangala. As it turns out to be the most accessible area in the city. It is surrounded by areas like HSR, BTM Layout, Jayanagar and Ejipura. Major roads like the 80 feet road and Sarjapur Road are all easily accessible. So to answer your question, accessibility has never been an issue so to say.


    1. Ah, this is my favourite question. What social amenities does this neighbourhood offer?


Your question should have been, what social amenities does this neighbourhood doesn’t offer? You name it and you will find those social amenities in Koramangala. If you are a student looking to chill while also not overspending, Koramangala has just the hangouts spots for you. If you are a working professional and looking for places where you can go out with colleagues for a team lunch or something, the options are endless. Entertainment choices are plenty, best hospitals, top schools and the all famous Christ University are situated here. So, clearly, you will never run out of choices in this area.


    1. So tell me, what are the three benefits you have experienced as a result of living in Koramangala?


That’s a tough one. I think, the top three benefits would be:


      1. My workplace is nearby.
      2. Connectivity is excellent.
      3. Quality of life is great.


    1. Do you think buying property in Koramangala was a good decision?


Oh, yes! I have made the best decision to buy a luxury flat in Koramangala. No doubts about that. Since this neighbourhood is very popular among Bangaloreans and is rising in demand, it is sure to appreciate quickly.


    1. Was it difficult to find a luxurious property in Koramangala?


It was a bit difficult as all the luxury properties were sold out. But then a friend told me about Advaitha Aksha and everything it had to offer. Honestly, when I visited this posh property, I was drawn to the wide range of amenities and the breathtaking views it offered. The rooms are spacious and this project is ready to occupy. Also, everything is in close vicinity, from educational institutions to hospitals and cafés to entertainment hubs. There is no hassle at all. I’m so glad I came across Advaitha Aksha. I think Advaitha Aksha is an excellent luxury property I could have asked for.


    1. Why would you recommend Koramangala to a friend or a family member?


There are so many reasons why I would recommend Koramangala to a friend. This neighbourhood offers a true living experience that I think I would want my friend’s to have a taste of too. From nature to a wide range of social infrastructure and landmark malls to luxury apartments, Koramangala has it all.

Thank you so much for taking out time and telling us all about Koramangala, Neha! It was a pleasure chatting with you. I’m sure those looking to move to Koramangala have surely taken down points. Just like Neha, if you too are swept off your feet by the beauty of Koramangala and looking to buy a luxury flat in Koramangala, Advaitha Aksha is for you. This posh ready to move luxury apartment in Koramangala offers unobstructed views of 1,500 acres, smart home features, sustainability features, luxury finishes and spacious homes. Schedule a site visit and see for yourself!