What Makes Luxury: True Luxury Is In The Small Addition

When you go apartment-hunting, you are offered luxury amenities like swimming pools, play areas, gyms, etc. Impressed by these relevant luxurious features, you decide to buy the apartment. Fast forward to a year later, you see that your flooring is starting to get damaged, the wood starts chipping, the steel corroding, and that the apartment heats up like a sauna in the summer. This is when you realise that true luxury was not in the attractive amenities that you use once in a while, but in the tiny details you experience every day.

Sure, the sports courts may be what lured the athlete in you, but none of it matters if you can constantly hear the neighbours’ flush go off at 2 am through the thin walls you share.

Let’s look at how each room and feature is designed in Advaitha Aksha to ensure luxury, even in the minutest detail.

  1. Living and Dining Rooms: The last thing you need is to spend a good part of your savings on a house only to spend more for floor maintenance every now and then. Our living and dining rooms are laid with Botticino Italian Marble with 7 coats of polish for the ultimate clean look. The dining area is spacious enough to fit a six-seater table as well.
  2. Kitchen: In many apartments, the kitchen might look perfect at first look but once you start using it, you realise that you are developing a backache due to the unsuited counter heights. This is why Advaitha Aksha gives you the option of choosing not just the height and placement of the counter but also the material used on top of it. Provisions for a dishwasher and washing machine allow you to fully customise the apartment according to your liking.
  3. Bedrooms: The master bedroom of an Advaitha Aksha apartment is lined with the highest quality AC grade wooden flooring that is generally used for industrial purposes. The other bedrooms have high-end vitrified titles of reputed brands like Kajaria or Somany. These flooring ensures durability and elegance.
  4. Bathrooms: Traditionally, bathrooms came with a visible flush tank. Now, modern bathrooms have concealed tanks for a sleek look. At Advaitha Aksha, we have taken it a step forward and used pipelines instead of flush tanks. The treated STP water is connected to a hydropneumatic pressure tank that ensures all floors receive the same water pressure. Additionally, all the fittings are of premium quality like Jaguar fittings, German brand Saint Gobain glass shower partitions, and more.
  5. Balcony: To ensure the safety of children and pets, the Saint Gobain toughened glass and the stainless steel rails have only a 75-90 mm distance between each other. The recommended distance is a maximum of 150 mm. To make sure that water is not lodged in the balcony, the floors were made slanted.
  6. Other awesome features: The marbles on all floors are intelligently placed with a 2 mm distance between each so that in case of any damage, each marble can be removed and replaced without damaging the ones around. The grooves are filled using epoxy instead of cement for a cleaner, more durable look. To ensure regular water supply, we have 3 bore wells, Cauvery water connection approval and corporation water supply. They are also treated to remove hardness. Home automation locks, smart appliances and many more features make Advaitha Aksha’s designing ahead of its time.

All of the features mentioned are not necessarily things that persuade someone to buy an apartment. However, time will tell that these are the features that define luxury.

Sure, amenities that are on our wish-list like an infinity pool, sauna, squash court and more play an important role when choosing a luxury apartment, but it is equally important to ensure that the basic features cater to the higher quality of living you are looking for.

Advaitha Aksha falls in the category of true luxury with stellar amenities and unmatched innovation. Our apartments are tailored to your highest standards allowing convenience to meet luxury. Experience the lifestyle you deserve with Advaitha Aksha!