What to expect when you go for a site visit?

So you found your perfect home! It is beautiful, spacious and has many things to offer. You have booked a site visit and are all set for it. Wait, are you ready?

Most often than not, homebuyers check the obvious things in a home. Homebuyers carefully observe the layout/ design of the house, how spacious it is, does enough natural light come into the house, and whether the flat offers good cross ventilation. These are excellent points to observe when you are on a house tour, but there are crucial factors that you should consider as well. Not sure what to expect when you go for a site visit? Here’s a small list to get you started.

Location: When buying a property, you are not just buying the property; you are also investing in a plot of land. Over time, a house built on that land will depreciate, but the area where it is situated will continue to develop. This is how the value of your land appreciates over time. So check if there are good transportation options, top educational institutions, entertainment hubs, shopping centres, restaurants, and healthcare facilities nearby.

Open spaces: Green open spaces have an excellent effect on humans. They are aesthetically pleasing and improve the quality of life, encourage an active lifestyle, motivate residents to spend some time outdoors, preserve the environment and keep the air around clean. Whether pet parks, vertical gardens, reflexology pathways, or meditation lawns, homebuyers should look at buying residential properties offering green open spaces. This way, the residents enjoy nature’s benefits daily without having to step out of their homes and lead a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Elevation and floor plan: When buying a home, there are a few things that you cannot change. Elevation and floor plan come under those few things. You need to check the elevation of the property you wish to buy, as it is one of the most vital factors in a building. For those who don’t know, elevation is the external area of a building that includes the front, back, and side areas. This is crucial to ensure one building doesn’t stop another building from getting sunlight, ventilation, and vehicular access. While on the other hand, a floor plan gives you the information you need about the flat. It could be the property structure, layout, the size of the rooms, and where they are located. As you go through a few floor plans, ensure you pick the one that matches your lifestyle and offers comfort.

Connectivity: A property might offer you the best features and amenities, but if it is not located in a well-connected area, it is a sign to check other properties. To ensure a hassle-free commute to various parts of the city, check connectivity to top destinations by road. Check if you have access to metro stations. Not to mention, major railway stations and the airport is not too far away. You should also check various routes you can take to prime areas of the city, if not all.

Social infrastructure: You need to check the neighbourhood carefully. What are the top educational institutions nearby? What is the condition of the roadways? Though you can order and shop for everything online, it is necessary to have shopping centres and grocery stores in the vicinity, just in case. Also, you should consider researching any future developments, as this will add value to your property.

Take note of these points for your site visit at Advaitha Aksha, a premium property that offers ready-to-move luxury apartments near Koramangala. This project is strategically located and offers excellent connectivity to the rest of the city. Advaitha Aksha not only has basic amenities nearby but also offers its residents unobstructed views of 1,500 acres of the no-development zone: Bellandur Lake, Defence land, and Agara Lake. Sounds like a property that matches your taste? Hurry, schedule a site visit today! Only a few 4 BHK luxury flats in Koramangala are left at Advaitha Aksha.