If you are looking for luxury apartments in Bangalore, there is an exhaustive list of things you need to consider. The first and foremost thing to consider is the number of rooms you require. Gone are the days when you chose the number of bedrooms based on the number of people in your family. Rooms titled bedrooms are not necessarily used as one. Instead, they are used to facilitate and cater to the life that you lead.


Choosing 4 BHK luxury apartments in Bangalore means having the space for creativity and personal requirements. If you are not sure about your need for a 4 BHK apartment, here’s what you might not have considered:


  1. Home work-station: Work-from-home might have been highly beneficial for your company but are you able to work productively at home? Expecting fast-paced work to be done in the same environment where you sleep is far-fetched. This is only one of the reasons why you need a separate work area at home that allows you to fully concentrate and work without any disturbance or distraction. A 4 BHK allows you to transform one of the rooms into a full-fledged work area with the right kind of lighting and decor.
  2. Growing family: If you are a person who has always wanted a large family, opting for a 4 BHK is the best option for you. Having to move every time your family grows can be very tiring. It can also make it hard for the children to have a feeling of belongingness when they are constantly on the move. From your ageing parents, to kids. It is always better to invest in a home that you can comfortably live in without making any compromises. 
  3. For the social human in you: If you love being the host and often plan parties, get-togethers, and more, then a small apartment is definitely not your space. Being able to host parties and have family and friends over even when your partner is working from home is only possible with a 4 BHK.
  4. Space for group hobbies: Not being able to meet up for that weekly book club discussion or crafting class because of the pandemic? Well, with a 4 BHK, you could transform one of the rooms to make it your new hang out spot or you could also use it for your personal hobbies like an art room, gym, and more.
  5. Small business: The pandemic gave birth to many people making a living out of their hobbies or passions. Renting a separate office space when you are just starting out might be an added expense you are not ready for. From selling homemade cakes to handcrafted jewellery, your 4 BHK could be just the space a budding entrepreneur needs.

A good home in a prime location like Bangalore holds the potential to transform your life into the one you have always wanted. Get Advaitha Aksha’s 4 BHK luxury apartments in Koramangala that offer great space as well as high-end amenities like themed landscapes, well-equipped gyms, sports courts, rooftop infinity pools, clubhouse, and much more for the high standard of living you deserve. We provide you with privacy within a lively community and an unmatched home design. Find the ideal space you call home with Advaitha Aksha.