Why Are Ready-to-Move-In Homes Ideal for First-Time Homeowners

All you talk about lately to your family and friends has been about how eagerly you are looking forward to buying your dream home. You are constantly looking for design inspiration to create aesthetic and functional curated spaces like a home office and walk-in closet! You can’t wait to design each room that tells a lot about your style and the people who live in it.

While owning a home is a very satisfying feeling, the process can be a bit challenging. When you start your search for your dream home, you will notice various construction stages that include newly launched, under construction, soon to move in and ready-to-move-in properties. While they are all great options, ready-to-move-in homes certainly have more advantages than you would think. Given the fact how overwhelming the whole process can be, it is stressful when you have no idea about what the actual delivery timelines look like, or when possession is scheduled. Ready to move-in homes are a lifesaver or rather a stress saver!

Wondering, why are ready to move in homes ideal for buyers? Continue reading.

Free from GST Implications: A 12% of GST is levied on the purchase of under-construction properties. But the excellent news is that the GST fee is waived off for ready-to-move-in properties, provided the completion certificate is issued. By buying a ready-to-move-in property, you don’t have to pay a GST fee.

Low Impact on Your Finances: When you are planning to buy a home, you should always consider your financial situation before jumping headlong into it. The best part of purchasing a ready-to-move-in home is that you are free from the burden of paying rent, it will even save you various expenses during site visits. There are many safe investment options available, where you can invest the rent that you save. You can compare and choose the best investment option with high returns.

Immediate Possession: You are very eager to vacate your rented home and start living in your newly bought home. This will not be possible if you opt for an under-construction home. You will have to wait for a few years before you get the handover. Whereas, with ready-to-move-in homes, you get immediate possession of the property and can move in as soon as possible.

Zero Discrepancy: Buying a home is a big commitment, and you are going to live with your family in space for a long time, if not forever. Imagine entering a home that is a lot different to what you were promised or shown? With ready-to-move-in homes, you get what you see. There are no surprises there. From the kitchen granite to the bathroom tiles and services to amenities, you get everything exactly as you saw it.

A Fair Idea about the Social Infrastructure: When buying a home, it is essential you know your neighbourhood well. The surrounding areas such as the nearby markets, entertainment hubs and educational options are very important to know. Before buying a ready-to-move-in home, you can take a look at the area and get a fair idea about the social infrastructure.

Fewer Risks: Risks should be the last thing on your mind when buying a home for the first time. Sure, you should consider the risk factors, but not to the extent you lose sleep. Ready-to-move-in homes offer fewer or no risks compared to under-construction homes. There is no risk of a delayed handover date and you will not be in a situation where the developer, due to certain circumstances, refuses or cannot deliver your property. That’s a situation no one wants to be in, let alone first-time home buyers because they have no experience buying a property and are already anxious.

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