Why Invest in Bengaluru?

Posted on 29 May 2017

It’s not been a while Bangalore topped the list as the most dynamic city in the world, and there is a reason why. A huge number of youth population, a vibrant nightlife, a legacy of stage theatres and arts, a moderate pleasing climate throughout the year. All these apart from its famous other tags; Garden City, IT Capital and a real estate haven. Amid such attributes, it’s not too bad to be living in Bangalore. The city has been drawing a huge number of population on a regular basis who come in search of a stable lifestyle seeking a decent education and a job for their livelihood. This being said, there is much more weightage why the city has become such an attractive destination.

The Land of Opportunities has much to offer:

A Hotspot for IT & Manufacturing – Close to 8 lakh IT professionals are employed in the city accounting to more than 25% of the IT investments in the country, and home for about 35% of IT companies in India.
A Cosmopolitan-Diversified Culture – The city is home to more than 62% migrants from various parts within the country and outside with 8% of the population comprising of Europeans. Because of its diversified population, the city’s culture too has had a great influence and has a mix of the western and traditional ethnicity with the highest number of pubs and also the only Indian A1 city to have the most number of temples, mosques and churches throughout the country.
Easy Connectivity – With transport touching the metros, commuting has become easy. This is in addition to Bus, autos and private taxis extending to all corners of the city. A well-developed social and civic infrastructure have been prominent reasons.
Capital Appreciation – The land value in Bangalore has always seen an increase each year, and the city’s rental yields range from 2-4% per year as compared to other cities like Mumbai where the number is 1-3%. Some areas within the city in the recent past have seen a staggering 14% land appreciation.
Steady ROI – The city enjoys a stable ROI given the varsity of the Industry sectors. The city has the least unsold inventory in comparison with other Indian cities. The city is also the fifth most productive metro area in India.
Stable Realty Market – Bangalore, since the IT and manufacturing boom has enjoyed a stable realty market with both the land owners and the investors experiencing a positive and active response for their investments. There is continuous demand from the developers and buyers and keeps the realty market running. The sector has witnessed a demand in luxury flats for sale in Koramangala and other different parts of the city.
Best Rental Income – Renting a house is in major parts of the city is a profitable business. Because of the continuous migrating population, the city has cut through high rentals which also has seen a higher absorption rate. The average rentals have increased by 4-15 percent.
Haven for education – The city is home for many of the reputed and renowned educational institutions such as the Indian Institute of Science (IISC), ISRO, IIM-B, Institute of Astrophysics, to name a few. The city also has a commendable number of engineering colleges.
Pensioner’s Paradise – The city is also called as the Pensioner’s Paradise because of its pleasing climate and enthralling aura of the green spread.
Investing in 3 BHK luxury flats in Koramangala, Bangalore or other parts of the city may be one of the easiest decisions to make given the existing boom and the reputation it carries as one of the top cities immensely impacting the Indian economy touching all industry sectors with a surging young population.